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(June 5, 48000 BC[2] — December 18, 2367[3])


Vandor Kr'ull was a caveman, who, after being driven out by his tribe for murdering an old woman, took shelter by a fallen meteor that bathed him in its radiation as he slept next to it. The radiation granted Kr'ull a heightened intellect, an accelerated healing factor and halted his aging process. ?


During the 1st century, Kr'ull served as an unnamed slave to Emperor Nero. Surviving the Great Fire of Rome due to his healing factor, Kr'ull faked his death and began to build his own empire under the name "Vandorius".[3]

Baron KullEdit

During the 6th century, Kr'ull, as "Baron Kull", served as an opponent of Arthur Pendragon.[3]

Shortly after the Battle of Camlann, where Arthur was critically wounded and taken to Avalon to recover, Kull founded the Illuminati Society in order to "make things right."[4]


Under the name "Tegana", Kr'ull acted as a Mongol war lord in the 13th century.[3]


Under the name "Tzekoxl", Kr'ull served as the Aztec High Priest of Sacrifice in the 15th century.[3]

Chet SauvageEdit

In the 18th century, Kr'ull captained a pirate ship under the name "Chet Sauvage".[3]

Curtis KnoxEdit

Curtis "Hard Man" Knox's criminal activities in New York were first reported in 1889,[2] though he had begun work as a criminal enforcer two years previous before taking control of New York City's criminal empire.[3] In 1896, Knox lost a fistfight to New York City Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, who proceeded to run Knox out of town on horseback.[2]

By 1911, "Hard Man Knox" had a bounty of $4500 to his name. ?

In 1914, in his goal to dispose of the weaker members of humanity, Knox whispered the idea to assassinate the Archduke of Austria to Danilo Ilić, leading to the Great War.[3]

By 1921, Curtis Knox was declared legally deceased.[2]

Sean YoungEdit

Feeling guilty that his part in starting World War I lead to Adolf Hitler's rise to power, Young retired from civilization in 1939 to wait out the Second World War.[3] Young briefly retreated to Hatay to explore the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, where he found the Holy Grail, guarded only by corpses at the bottom of a chasm.[4]

In 1947, Young gave the Holy Grail to his lover, Fleur Blanche, whom used its waters to maintain her youth. The two were wedded in a private ceremony in 1952.[2] Young signed the marriage certificate under his true name, "Vandor Kr'ull", and had Alzin Khun–Jar serve as his best man.[3]

Herbert VillersEdit

Between 1963 and 1985, Kr'ull went by the alias, "Herbert Villers".[4]

Villers was present at the assassination of John F. Kennedy, ? and was attempting to save the President's life, fearing another political death would lead to a Third World War.[3]

Angelo ShadeEdit

Angelo Shade's activities were first reported in 1987.[2]

By 2059,[4] Kr'ull had abandoned the name "Angelo Shade". ?

Solomon BrownEdit


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  • [[]] - Mother
  • [[]] - Father
  • [[]] - Older brother/sister
  • [[]] - Younger/Older twin brother/sister
  • [[]] - Younger brother/sister
  • Fleur Blanche - Wife
  • [[]] - Son
  • [[]] - Daughter
  • Shoko Hitachi - Adopted daughter
  • [[]] - Grandson
  • [[]] - Granddaughter
  • [[]] - Maternal Grandmother
  • [[]] - Maternal Grandfather
  • [[]] - Paternal Grandmother
  • [[]] - Paternal Grandfather
  • [[]] - Aunts
  • [[]] - Uncles
  • [[]] - Cousins
  • [[]] - Nephews
  • [[]] - Nieces


London GargoylesEdit

  • "Invitation Only" (Voice only)
  • "Rock and Roll"

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