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"Off we jolly well go then."
— The Twelfth Caretaker's catchphrase
— The Twelfth Caretaker's second catchphrase

The Twelfth Caretaker (9670-14921) represented the twelfth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the thirteenth and final body of the original lineup.



The Sixth Caretaker was informed by the Manager that dark entity known as the Prosecutor was plucked from the Caretaker's time stream during his thirteenth and final incarnation. The Time Lord Trial

In 1851 London, the Tenth Caretaker met a human called Edward Wallace who believed himself to be the Caretaker. The Caretaker thought Wallace might be his next incarnation, or a later one. A Man Called the Caretaker

When the Teselecta helped fake the Eleventh Caretaker's death by being shot by an impossible astronaut, 05:02pm Daphne Downs informed Penny Price and Neil Blackwood that it was the Caretaker's inability to renew into his twelfth life that actually killed him. The Year of the Moon

When Carmen Montague entered the Caretaker's time stream, she saw the Twelfth Caretaker run past her, though did not see his silhouetted face. Soufflé Girl

During an operation to have his severed hand replaced by Aldridge the Xing surgeon, the Eleventh Caretaker come close to renewing from blood lose before Aldridge could finish. The renewal was avoided when Carmen pump some spare blood into the Caretaker's system. A Big Hand for the Caretaker



"Wig! I'm still wearing his wig?"
— First Words of the Twelfth Caretaker

. Silent Night

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After fighting in the siege of Trenzalore for 3959 years.[1]

"I'm not gonna let you stop me now!"
— Last Words of the Twelfth Caretaker

. The Man Who Stayed for Christmas



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The Twelfth Caretaker was, when in his prime, 2 metres tall. During his time on Trenzalore, he shrunk down to 1.60 metres as he aged to death.[3]



Psychological profileEdit


The Twelfth Caretaker was a true gentleman; polite, generous, outspoken, intelligent and mild mannered, but with an eccentric, comical, egotistical and uninhibited side to him. He also possessed a commanding presence that exuded gravitas, authority and control. He though very little of what others thought about him, especially when his dress sense was brought into question, and enjoyed making people smile.

The Caretaker used his skills to heal, repair and improve the worlds around him and, if necessary, to fight. He could be immensely kind, with his compassion extending to all that lives, including the evils he encountered. It was his firm belief that freedom was the right of all sentient beings, and that there was good in everyone.

While looking fairly young and in the prime of his life, on the surface, this Caretaker was old-fashioned. He was a firm believer in fair play and civilised behaviour, quick to lead by example. He had a tendency to be pedantic, inadvertently lecturing about whatever scientific or intellectual concept may be relevant at the time.

Generally, the twelfth incarnation had a somewhat short attention span, and could be influenced in a big way. He also had a huge ego that often clouded his judgement and caused him to make rash and often morally questionable decisions. Despite his often unfocused demeanor, he was quick to act when the situation called for it, and very little, even his companions, could hope to get in his way.

Despite the Caretaker's occasional recklessness, it was always clear to his allies that a keen, deliberate intellect lurked behind every action. Although the twelfth incarnation frequently gave the impression that he never knew what he was doing, this was simply an act put on to lull his opponents into underestimating him. Indeed, when the masquerade had been exposed, outlived its usefulness or the situation became too dangerous, the Caretaker would instantly break character and show his true intellect and courage.

In contrast to his previous self, the Twelfth Caretaker tended to make his plans in advance, but was not beyond thinking up ideas on the spot. Also, contradictory to previous Caretakers, this one had no objection to using violence as a means to fulfilling his goals, but preferred to settle problems through negotiation.

Despite his refusal to admit it, he would often be shown to truly care about those he met, fiercely protecting anyone he considered a friend and occasionally lost control of himself when he thought his friends were in danger. He also had a great love of life and the universe, forever reveling in whatever secrets there were to find.

While he would not admit it to himself, the Twelfth Caretaker was a flawed individual; he had a lot of doubt, anger, frustration, uncertainty, and sadness, but he tried his best not to show them to his friends to seem brave and courageous, while not being afraid to confront or comfort his friends with utmost care. Armed with an iron will, the Twelfth Caretaker possessed a determination that forbade him to give up, even when the odds where against him, such as during the Siege of Trenzalore. However, if he decided he was doomed, the Caretaker would choose to accept his potential demise with dignity.

Despite his great genius, the Caretaker was very naïve and occasionally ignorant about certain subjects to the point that it seemed like he lacked common sense; such examples of are his ignorance to the nature of human emotions, classic arcade machines and matters relating to nature.

The Twelfth Caretaker would also have difficulty expressing himself emotionally, being reserved and stiff during these conversations. When he did lose control of his emotions, the outbursts were quite intense and he seemed to regret his actions and behaviour afterward.

If the Caretaker got angry about something, he would tend to hold a grudge until he either forgot the situation, dealt with the situation, or spoke to the person who caused the problem. If he or something he owned was insulted, the Caretaker would get angry about it and not talk to the person afterwards. However, he would forgive them after an apology was given or an explanation was made.

Younger in appearance than he felt inside, the Caretaker found himself drawing closer to his companions than he felt comfortable with. He tended not to display such feelings himself, not even when accompanied by the scantily clad Tala, although he acknowledged that Carmen Montague was attractive during his prost-renewal trauma, and, in a moment of excitement, he even kissed her. He was, for the most part, oblivious to other people's attractiveness, believing that telling Rachel Fox that she had "a nice nose" was a compliment.

Much like his predecessor, the Twelfth Caretaker was also admired by children, however, where as the Eleventh Caretaker was admired for his eccentric, tender, playful and childlike personality, the Twelfth Caretaker was looked up to by children for his protective gravitas and approachable nature. The Caretaker himself had a soft spot for children, unable to resist helping if one was upset or scared, and being greatly irritated when he found children abandoned in times of crisis.


During his time on Trenzalore, the Caretaker grew to love the people of the town of Christmas, repairing and building toys for the town's children, as well as becoming a parental and protective figure to them, telling them tales of his exploits, making an ice skating ring for them, receiving drawings of his achievements, teaching them various foreign customs, celebrating his victories with them and being the center of the celebrations group hugs.

The Caretaker also assisted the adults of the town, repairing Barnable's family barn, and making it bigger on the inside, fixing the Snow Farm after it was sabotaged, and venturing into the Outland with the Trenzalore Lifeboat crew to find Tiberius Gluck's body.

Afraid for his life every day, the Caretaker would stand and look down from his Clock Tower once a day to remind him of what he was protecting, eventually seeming to "forget he'd lived any other life". However, during the first three hundred years of the siege, the Caretaker would argue with himself about protecting the town, eventually concluding that every life he saved was a victory in and of itself, but felt quality over the casualties that came in the siege's wake, especially those directly caused by himself. He forcibly suppressed his memories of these deaths so he could enjoy himself.

Growing protective of the people of Christmas, the Caretaker refused to leave them at the mercy of the Papal Mainframe, and insured they remained out of the way of the siege's incursions, informing them to tell him of anything out of the ordinary.

Slowing turning senile in his inhabiting of the planet, the Caretaker would have trouble determining the meaning of questions directed at him, forgetting the details of his plans, taking a while to register information, and forgetting people he had met. However, he would regain his youthful vigour whenever he felt there was danger.

Having reached the end of his renewal cycle, the Twelfth Caretaker grew weary and accepting of his fate, knowing he was supposed to die during the Siege of Trenzalore and resigned himself to that fate as he refused to abandon both the Time Lords and the people of Trenzalore. When the time came, the Caretaker faced down both Morgunt and the Drelekks fearlessly, wanting to protect Lyza and the people of Christmas to his dying breath. However, when the Time Lords unexpectedly granted him a new cycle of renewals, the Caretaker regained his old vigour and fighting spirit, and destroyed the attacking Drelek fleet with his renewal energy.

Habits and QuirksEdit

Often considering himself the most intelligent and important person in the room, the Caretaker would often insult and belittle anything and anyone that even remotely irritated him. When startled by something, his reaction would be to raise his hands up in a defensive manner while looking around him with widened eyes.

Like his predecessor's repetition of the word "Cowabunga", the Twelfth Caretaker displayed a liking for the phrase "Off we jolly well go then", often exclaiming it when diving into a new or unexpected situation, when making way to a new location or simply when landing or piloting the IDRIS. When things went wrong for him, he would utter "Darn 'it" under his breath, and when feeling an accomplishment, he would let out a victorious "Yay". When announcing his presence, he would utter "It is I" to whoever would listen.

The Caretaker often remarked that exotic technology or intriguing life was "interesting", a sentiment he also shared with thoughts that dumfounded him or when faced with a situation to which he could find no other response too. He also often made puns, used clever word play, or quoted classic fairytales.

Much like his tenth incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor would make many references to Earth pop culture, especially to 20th century movies, shows and songs.

The Twelfth Caretaker also had a habit of collecting objects, one of the most prominent being shoes. He would often compliment someone on their footwear, before asking if he could have one of them, even when the person in question was still wearing them. He was also known to collect stones, books, hats, paintings, Thunderbirds memorabilia and wooden model trains.

When thinking, the Caretaker often stroked his chin or played with his lower lip. He was also very fidgety with his hands when not using them, often rubbing them together, twiddling his thumbs or cracking his knuckles. He also had a habit of keeping one arm behind him, while gesturing with his other.

The Caretaker also had a habit of walking away from a conversation, even when he was involved in it and being addressed specifically. Due to his skills in stealth, most people didn't realise he'd gone until he was out of the room.


Sly and manipulative, the Twelfth Caretaker possessed out-of-the-box thinking, which made him unpredictable at times. Able to outsmart an opponent by studying their character, he was also able to outwit various adversaries with sleight-of-hand and clever ruses. Under the effect of the Truth Field during the Siege of Trenzalore, the Caretaker was be able to lie by telling half-truths, and not elaborating on the subject he was deceitful with.

Due to, what he described as, his complex mind, the Caretaker was able to immunise himself from telepaths, such as Krojak Zane, who could not read the Caretaker's mind, even when he was drugged and helpless. The Caretaker himself could read minds if he wanted to, but preferred to read facial expressions and body language to save himself time.

He was unafraid to pitch in physically, often using his mastery of Venusian aikido when the situation called for it. Even without his Venusian aikido, the Caretaker proved to be skilled in unarmed combat. He was also shown to have great acting skills on numerous occasions, as well as a decent singing voice.

Like several of his predecessors, the Twelfth Caretaker was a highly proficient swordsman, able to duel wield katanas against an army of ninjas whilst his blazer was on fire.

He also had a gift for diplomacy and winning others over to his side. This particular facet of his personality enabled him to trick others into doing what he wished. In a similar way, the Caretaker convinced Adolf Hitler to regard him as an advisor, and pretended to go along with the Imagination Beast's brain transference operation in order to short-circuit the disembodied being.

The Twelfth Caretaker was also a good listener, being able to play the psychologist to assist someone through an emotional crisis, befriend a perfect stranger or turn an enemy into an ally.

The Twelfth Caretaker had incredible eyesight and an eidetic memory, and could scan entire areas and pick out tiny details that most people would miss. He was also a very skilled detective, picking up on details on what David Reeves did for a living after getting a brief glimpse inside his house, and figuring out that Maike had been replaced by a Zearak by studying the behavior of her impersonator.

Much like his tenth incarnation, the Twelfth Caretaker had a good sense of smell, which he used to assess his surroundings to deduce the time period he was in. He also demonstrated the ability to determine the properties of an object by taste.

The Caretaker also showed an impressive amount of control over his renewal abilities, more so than previous incarnations, as he was able to weaponise he renewal energies against attacking Drelek battle ships, and then used the extra energy to revive Gyacasch.

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Time and SpaceEdit

  • "Soufflé Girl" (Silhouetted cameo)
  • "The Day of the Caretaker" (cameo)



  1. Confirmed via toy bio.
  2. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
  3. Confirmed via various toy bios.
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