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— The Thirteenth Caretaker's catchphrase

The Thirteenth Caretaker (15607-) represented the thirteenth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the fifteenth body in the lineup, and the second use of the renewal cycle given to him by the Time Lords.



When the original thirteenth Caretakers joined forces to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War, Castellan Androgar informed General Dlavort that an additional eighth Caretakers had arrived also. The Day of the Caretaker



"What am I doing here?"
— First Words of the Thirteenth Caretaker

The Caretaker's first outfit.

. A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time

The Reluctant HeroEdit


A Saviour AgainEdit


Protecting His PastEdit


Taking a HolidayEdit








Alone AgainEdit






"It's all right. Really. It's all going to be okay."
— Last Words of the Thirteenth Caretaker

. The Deathless Prince



Undated eventsEdit

  • The Thirteenth Caretaker joined forces with his other incarnations to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War. The Day of the Caretaker

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The Thirteenth Caretaker was 1.78 metres tall.[1]



Psychological profileEdit


The Thirteenth Caretaker was fun-loving, somewhat naïve, and adventurous, with a sense of humor, craving the stimulation of new people and places. He possessed a deep respect for life and freedom, refused to eat meat, was reluctant to fight his opponents on a physical level and was openly vocal about his love for humanity, especially admiring how they were capable of surviving numerous catastrophes. In addition, he looked forward to playing with all the exotic fauna in each place he visited, whether they were penguins, Aaraanandal slime beasts, hog monkeys, or giant koi fish.

The Caretaker's attitude towards life was a lot more relaxed than previous incarnations, often taking things well within his stride. A self confessed tea addict, he would rather spend his time relaxing aboard his IDRIS than being the "hero". His reluctance for heroism changed further into his life, with the Caretaker becoming more proactive, such as when he tried to steer a Drelek ship away from Earth for no reason other than to protect the planet. The Threat of the Daleks Having caused countless destruction and deaths in his previous incarnation, the Thirteenth Caretaker felt driven to prevent pain wherever possible and had a hard time accepting defeat or failure.

The most notable trait of the Thirteenth Caretaker was his enduring optimism, along with an ever-cheerful demeanor he always strived to uphold. Even in the face of the most difficult challenges that confronted him, the Caretaker managed to maintain his composure and keep his outlook on the situation positive. Within this carefree exterior, however, the Caretaker hid a great deal of depression and a heavy mental burden in his duties as Time Lord. As a reluctant hero, he tended to become distressed when he saw death and destruction.

The Caretaker was far more humane than he would admit to himself, sometimes unsure and indecisive, dealing more with the spur of the moment, rather than the grand scheme, which made him panicky and indecisive when under pressure. As intelligent and industrious as he was, however, the Caretaker was oblivious to the emotions and intentions of those around him.

However, the Caretaker's boyish charm, optimistic energy, and mercy all hid the fact that he was a Time Lord of great age, compassion, and experience. He was also willing to make personal sacrifices to liberate others from suffering, and was willing to stop and help others while dealing with greater threats. While his previous incarnations lacked concern on social conventions, the thirteenth incarnation was genuinely ashamed when he learned that he was acting rude and uncouth.

The Caretaker always attempted to solve a situation without violence, straining his relationship with TASK, as he was against their military methods. A dedicated pacifist, the Caretaker preferred to solve problems non-violently; even when forced into combat, he held back, fought defensively and tried to subdue opponents without seriously hurting them.

Although full of spirit and humanity, the Caretaker did have a dark side within him, especially when the forces of evil threatened to unbalance the laws of the universe. Despite his optimistic ways, the Caretaker could loss his temper when pushed too far, or when around someone who annoyed him, even being willing to physically slap someone to calm them down.

Habits and QuirksEdit

A self proclaimed smart alec, the Thirteenth Caretaker always made witty remarks at the expense of others.

When relaxing, the Caretaker tended to put his foot up on a ledge and lean back, often placing his hat over his face as he slept.


The Thirteenth Caretaker was a capable investigator, having been able to track down and locate the Hourglass of the Reaper based on eyewitness testimony after it was stolen. The Hourglass of the Reaper He could work well with tools and had exceptional knowledge and prowess with construction.

Although his frail stance made him a poor swordsman, the Caretaker was incredibly proficient with firearms, proving to be able to judge the distance and split-second timing of a shot across a large area with two windows in the way.

He was adept at reading people through facial expressions, and could perform slight-of-hand magic.

Relationship With Other SelvesEdit



Time and SpaceEdit

  • .



  1. Confirmed via toy bio.
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