Portrayed by:
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."
— The Tenth Caretaker's catchphrase
— The Tenth Caretaker's other catchphrase
"Oh, yes!"
— The Tenth Caretaker's third catchphrase

The Tenth Caretaker (8532-8549) represented the tenth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the eleventh body in the lineup.






"Hello, I c—mmm. Clean teeth. That's weird. So, where was I? Oh, that's right. Barcelona!"
— First Words of the Tenth Caretaker

. The Long Game

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. The Day of the Caretaker

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"I've been dead before."
— Last Words of the Tenth Caretaker

. The Caretaker Lives



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The Tenth Caretaker was 1.85 metres tall.[3]



Blue attire.


Psychological profileEdit


The Tenth Caretaker was very cheerful, charismatic, hyperactive and enthusiastic, often at inappropriate times. The Night of the Wolf He occasionally got into trouble because of an apparent sense of superiority over those less "clever" than he was. Repeat He regularly used his name as a threat, which only rarely worked, despite his apparent expectations. St. Plenitude Hospital The Eleventh Caretaker also accused the Tenth Caretaker of having vanity issues, The Day of the Caretaker an opinion that his other incarnations also expressed. The Thirteen Caretakers

The Tenth Caretaker's human side made him a more loving and fun character to be around, being very much a good friend to all his companions and welcomed anyone with open arms. He became almost like a family man, especially with the Riddle family. The Christmas Invasion He tended to keep a massive smile on his face and simply enjoyed his journeys through time and space. The Night of the Wolf While previous incarnations intentionally flouted social conventions, the tenth incarnation was genuinely shocked when he realised that he was being rude or uncouth. The Christmas Invasion

The tenth incarnation retained and even exceeded his predecessor's capacity for righteous anger, particularly when his friends was threatened or at risk. Special Effects When driven by anger or justice, he would act without hesitation to strike down those who opposed him. The Christmas Invasion He had a very forgiving nature, consistently extending an offer to help even his most dangerous enemies before putting a stop to their evil deeds. Evolution of the Dreleks However, when his patience reached its limit or they were duplicitous, his enemies got no second chance. The Christmas Invasion

While he seemed to have resolved much of the survivor's guilt felt previously, the Tenth Caretaker had begun to feel his age. Beneath his youthful veneer and outward playfulness was a very old man who had seen many terrible things and felt a deep loneliness. School Reunion He felt profound regret for the deaths he'd seen, [[.|.]] with the Moment referring to him as "the man who regrets". [[.|.]] His keen sense of loss led him to empathise with those who had also suffered. Special Effects

The Tenth Caretaker's main personality flaws were his sense of arrogance and pride, to the point that he deposed Prime Minister Harriet Jones, thus negating the "Golden Age" she was destined to achieve. [[.|.]] He was also something of a hypocrite, claiming he would not allow Strackman Lux's pride to cost lives, while refusing to sign Lux's contract, [[.|.]] and being offended when Malcolm Taylor hung up on him, despite him doing the same to Malcolm moments before. [[.|.]] He also explained to Molly and Harriet that he was the same man as his predecessor, [[.|.]] but informed Stan that his successor would not be the same man as him. [[.|.]]

The Tenth Caretaker had a very hard time accepting defeat or failure. From the Light of the Asteroid Having seen so much destruction and death, he felt driven to prevent it wherever possible. St. Plenitude Hospital

The tenth incarnation engaged in romantic situations far more frequently than his predecessors. The Day of the Caretaker Others tried to engage him romantically, including Molly Riddle, School Reunion Madame de Pompadour, Reinette and the Lonely Angel Anya Loughton, Love's Labour's Won Joan Redfern, Secret Identity George Harper, The Sound of Drums Astrid Peth, From the Light of the Asteroid Daphne Downs Quiet in the Library and Elizabeth I. The Day of the Caretaker

This incarnation refused to take up a weapon against an enemy. While previous incarnations had, the tenth incarnation would not, repeatedly refusing even when offered one by TASK while attacking the Brolons. Operation: Blue Sky Dekker noted his refusal to take up a gun, but pointed out that he "turned those around him into weapons." Supremacy of the Dreleks After initially refusing several times to take up Stanford Black's pistol to save himself and humanity from the Manager, the Caretaker changed his mind when he heard that the Time Lords were returning. The Children of Time

The Tenth Caretaker always attempted to solve a situation without violence, St. Plenitude Hospital which strained his working relationship with UNIT, with him being against their military methods. [[.|.]] When Carmen Montague insisted the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Caretakers find a different way to end the Time War, this incarnation embraced the chance to do so when a plan was formed and worked with all of his other twenty incarnations to save his planet and people. He was upset when he realised he wouldn't be able to remember what he did, but was still happy with the outcome. The Day of the Caretaker

Much like his fourth incarnation, the Tenth Caretaker had a great respect for humanity, as well as a great desire to protect it, often noting their importance, The Christmas Invasion describing human beings as both brilliant and stupid in the same sentence while arguing the necessity of emotions with Colin Ball. [[.|.]] He even hugged Zachary Cross Flane, the captain of the Walker Expedition, due to the human crew daring to explore a planet orbiting a black hole merely "because it was there". [[.|.]] When Stan said that humanity must look like insects to a Time Lord, the Caretaker responded that he thought they looked like giants. He particularly had a great respect for Stan, thinking of him as a kindred spirit, as he was also aged and experienced, yet energetic and unwilling to commit violence against others. The Caretaker also stated that he felt it an honour to know Stan. The Children of Time

After being forced to wipe Carter's memories of her travels with him, the Caretaker was driven into a deep state of depression, [[.|.]] and exiled himself away from the idea of picking up any more companions, [[.|.]] though he made a few exceptions. [[.|.]] After he was given a prophecy of his demise by a human psychic, the Caretaker spiraled further into an emotional breakdown that caused him to snap and try to alter a Fixed point in Time by saving Adelaide Brooke, Yuri Kerenski and Mia Bennett from the destruction of Bowie Base One. Upon his success, he declared himself as the "Time Lord Victorious" and believed that, as the last Time Lord, he had the right to control the Laws of Time. Following Brooke's suicide, the Caretaker realised he had gone too far and entered another state of depression upon knowing his renewal was fast approaching. [[.|.]]

Despite being terrified of his predicted death, going on all sorts of adventures to delay his fate, the Caretaker chose to sacrifice himself, first to save his friend, Stan Black, The Children of Time and then to save the universe from the Trickster's corruptions to the timeline. The Caretaker Lives

Habits and QuirksEdit

The Tenth Caretaker was an aficionado of twentieth century culture and made frequent references to movies, shows, and songs from that era. The Christmas Invasion He was fond of rock-and-roll, trying to take Molly to see concerts by both Ian Dury The Night of the Wolf and Elvis Presley. Special Effects

The tenth incarnation often remarked that exotic technology or life was "beautiful" or "brilliant" The Christmas Invasion and was genuinely enthralled by such discoveries, sometimes to the extent that he placed himself, his companions and bystanders in danger. The Night of the Wolf Like his seventh incarnation, he would insist he was "always all right", even when all evidence pointed to the contrary. Reinette and the Lonely Angel

When this incarnation was faced with an occurrence that dumbfounded him, he would repeatedly say, "What?", looking increasingly astonished with each repetition. The Death of Molly Riddle While attempting to explain something he would often interrupt himself with a "Well..." and further elaborate what it was he was talking about. [[.|.]] Another favoured exclamation of his was, "Oh, yes!", which he would say in moments of gleeful realization, [[.|.]] when angered or disturbed greatly, [[.|.]] or simply as a response to something. [[.|.]]

The Caretaker was fond of the French word, "Allons-y!", [[.|.]] which he picked up during his time with Madame de Pompadour in France, Reinette and the Lonely Angel describing it as a word of consolation to the soul in times of need. [[.|.]] An apologetic incarnation, the Caretaker also made use of the phrase, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry", mainly talking to those he pitied, St. Plenitude Hospital or knew were about to die and whom he could not save. A Body of Steel

Until they left his life, the Tenth Caretaker continued his previous incarnation's habit of mildly mocking both Sammy and Judy, though generally in a more playful fashion. The Christmas Invasion He also enjoyed teasing his companions, usually in less playful manner than his previous selves, The Bride and was not above mocking them behind their back. A Hospital on the Moon The Tenth Caretaker also prodded at George after they reunited, resuming his habit of telling George to "stop it" whenever he said hello to someone, which was his tell-tale way of flirting with them. George later told the Caretaker he had become "cheeky" with his new incarnation. The Sound of Drums

The tenth incarnation was a bit of a foodie, having a fondness for many types of food and drink, with his companions being dumbfounded and bemused by his eating habits. The Dead Lands Like his predecessor, he had a fondness for bananas, Reinette and the Lonely Angel and also expressed a fondness for tea. The Christmas Invasion He also liked edible ball bearings, stating that they were a "masterpiece". He often talked about favourite foods and recipes, The Dead Lands and wasn't afraid to try something new, such as seaweed truffles. Age

The Tenth Caretaker had a stated fondness for "little shops", the gift stores usually found in hospitals and other public places, though he retained a great dislike for hospitals. St. Plenitude Hospital

This incarnation relied heavily upon his sonic screwdriver, The Bride pushing it to limits not seen in previous incarnations A Hospital on the Moon and even chiding his fifth incarnation for going "hands free". Time Clash He also continued to heavily use the psychic paper, The Night of the Wolf The Tenth Caretaker also revived the occasional use of a stethoscope in mostly non-medical situations, such as the diagnosis of electronic or mechanical faults. Special Effects He used a hammer many times during this incarnation, often to help pilot the IDRIS. The Bride

The Tenth Caretaker often did math calculations in his head very quickly. This included making an estimate, waiting for those around him to respond, then giving a very exact answer. The Dead Lands


Although the Tenth Caretaker disliked violence, he was skilled with a sword The Christmas Invasion and also an extremely good shot with a gun, being able to shoot a very small target, like a White Point Star, from a distance. The Children of Time

The Caretaker was also incredibly resilient and showed an amazing resistance to physical pain, enduring the burning pain of having a living star possessing him, in addition to surviving attempts to freeze the star out of him. Sunset He also took a powerful blast of electricity from the Eighth Manager and was able to absorb 500 rads of nuclear energy and survive as well, although it was the final straw for his body and triggered renewal, he also refused to allow the pain of his renewal to overwhelm him until he was back in the IDRIS after visiting his companions. The Children of Time

Given his height and build, it was not surprising the Tenth Caretaker was extremely nimble and quick on his feet, and loved running. The Night of the Wolf

Like all his other incarnations, the Tenth Caretaker was exceptionally intelligent, School Reunion being able to figure out solutions to problems even when they were created by a person who had an equal amount of intelligence. The Sound of Drums He also possessed a heightened sense of smell, which could be used to tell which time period they were in just by smelling the air. Unsolved Mysteries He also demonstrated the ability to determine the properties of an object by taste. The Christmas Invasion

This incarnation was skilled at mechanics and built PLU-2 MKIV, ensuring that it possessed all the memories it had as PLU-2 MKIII. School Reunion He was also able to lock the coordinates of the IDRIS with his sonic screwdriver so that it would return to 21st century Earth from time to time. The Sound of Drums He was also a skilled pilot, on a few occasions able to take control and navigate a spacecraft through and out of danger. The Children of Time

This incarnation also followed the trend of his immediate predecessor in displaying increasing skill for using the IDRIS, even using it in the form of a standard spaceship rather than simply dematerialising it on several occasions. The Bride When told by Daphne Downs that he would one day be able to command the IDRIS door to open with a snap of his fingers, he found that he did possess such abilities, after initially believing it to be nonsense. Quiet in the Library

The Tenth Caretaker was also a skilled telepath, Reinette and the Lonely Angel being able to wipe Carter Wright's memories Supremacy of the Dreleks and to hide his true name from anyone who could read minds. Love's Labour's Won Like his previous selves, he had the ability to carry a large and diverse number of objects in his pockets, claiming that they were bigger on the inside. I Love the Caretaker

The Caretaker was able to channel radiation through a body part into his own clothing, although the radiated body part was described by him as being "itchy." A Hospital on the Moon However, he could only do this with a small amount of radiation and the radiation he absorbed to save Stanford Black was too much for him and he was forced to renew. The Children of Time

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  • "The Christmas Invasion"
  • "St. Plenitude Hospital"
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  • "Time Clash"
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  • "One Drop"
  • "Roswell"
  • "The Children of Time"
  • ""



  1. Winnie and the Caretaker
  2. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
  3. Confirmed via toy bio.
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