Portrayed by:
"I've/We've got to stop him/her/them."
— The Seventh Caretaker's catchphrase
"Oh, stop asking me these questions."
— The Seventh Caretaker's second catchphrase

The Seventh Caretaker (5637-6720) represented the seventh incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the eighth body in the lineup.






"That was a nice nap. Now, just three small points, then down to business. Where am I? Who am I? And who are you?"
— First Words of the Seventh Caretaker

. The Seventh Genius

Travels with ZoeyEdit


The Caretaker's first outfit.


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Growing DarkerEdit


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The TimewormEdit


Time's ChampionEdit


As Time's Champion.


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Unfinished BusinessEdit


A Retired Champion.


Rendezvous with BethEdit


Nearing the EndEdit


Towards the end of his life.



. Alixion

"Ah, yes. Thank you. It's good. Keep warm."
— Last Words of the Seventh Caretaker

. To Hold Back Death



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The Seventh Caretaker was 1.68 metres tall.



Psychological profileEdit


The Seventh Caretaker was originally light-hearted and prone to clownish behaviour, which masked his intellect and courage. [[.|.]] As he matured, he took a much darker turn, becoming very cross and suspicious. [[.|.]] He became a master manipulator who saw the battle between good and evil as a game of chess and everyone around him as pawns in the game of fighting evil. [[.|.]]

Frequently, he would see only the "bigger picture" rather than the world before him. [[.|.]] However, he was not totally unfeeling when it came to the "bigger picture", as he appeared genuinely agonised when he had to convince Ray that he did not care about her, [[.|.]] and became very apologetic afterwards until she finally forgave him. The Suicide Expedition

Despite his manipulative actions, such as using psychic powers to make Zoey leave, [[.|.]] the Seventh Caretaker did care for his companions, often treating them like children under his care. [[.|.]] He claimed to have tricked Zoey into leaving for her own safety, [[.|.]] and mourned for her when discovered she had been murdered on Heritage, acting with righteous fury when he next confronted her killer. [[.|.]] He most profound paternal relationship was with Ray, [[.|.]] which soured when Ray found herself unable to deal with the Caretaker's growing emotional coldness. [[.|.]] However, she believed that the Caretaker had the "deepest, saddest eyes," Alixion and even addressed him as "dad" in a moment of panic. [[.|.]]

Although his more whimsical tendencies disappeared over time, the Seventh Caretaker maintained a fondness for idiosyncratic speeches that occasionally referred to literature, ordinary places and even food and drink amidst the weightier concerns on his mind. [[.|.]] He "couldn't stand" burned toast, loathed bus stations as "terrible places with lost luggage and lost souls", and also hated unrequited love, tyranny and cruelty. [[.|.]]

In direct contrast to his previous incarnation, the Seventh Caretaker was opposed to violence of any sort, [[.|.]] although he also proved capable of rendering an opponent unconscious with a touch to forehead. [[.|.]] While he was completely against the use of firearms, [[.|.]] the Caretaker was willing to use a Tissue Compression Eliminator to defend himself against the Dreleks. [[.|.]]

Towards the final years of his life, the Caretaker decided to retire from his niche of manipulation. Feeling guilty and tired from his plotting, he acknowledged he had lived past his prime and would soon renew. Alixion He feared that his next incarnation would not want to take up the helm and continue plans that he had set in motion, and thus put all his affairs in order to leave nothing unsung when his time drew to a close. [[.|.]]

Nearing the end of his life, the Caretaker grew depressed, but became determined to enjoy every minute of his current incarnation after being saved from an Eight Leg by the Eighth Caretaker. After the Eight Caretaker warned him of a trap by the Great Intelligence, the Seventh Caretaker decided not to think about it, and let fate decide when and how his life would end, instead of despairing over being alone. The Eight Caretaker

Habits and QuirksEdit

The Seventh Caretaker was a consummate fan of chess, to the point of treating his companions and enemies as pieces on a chess board. [[.|.]] Despite his tendency toward a dark personality, the seventh incarnation was known for his use of words to resolve problems instead of violence, [[.|.]] and rolled his 'R's, speaking with a Scottish accent. [[.|.]]

A habit occasionally displayed with the seventh incarnation was a tendency to mangle and combine Earth idioms. After Zoey described this habit as "really annoying," the Caretaker promised that he would try to stop doing it. [[.|.]]

As he met new people, this Caretaker often raised his hat to greet them, smiling as he did so, [[.|.]] and collected pins out of enjoyment. [[.|.]]


The Seventh Caretaker showed a knack for playing the spoons as a musical instrument, though this was seen less as he matured. [[.|.]] Representing Earth in lieu of Nicky Newman, he won the 309th Intergalactic Song Contest by playing the spoons. [[.|.]]

Something of a showman, this Caretaker was an adept physical performer, and deployed a repertoire of magic tricks, illusions and escape artistry as part of his plans. [[.|.]]

Despite his stature, the Caretaker was capable of both directly and indirectly taking control of situations involving strangers, using his greater intelligence to assess and direct events. [[.|.]]

Relationship With Other SelvesEdit



Time and SpaceEdit

  • "The Seventh Genius"
  • "The Rogue Cleaners"
  • "Network"
  • ""
  • "The Enemy of the Dreleks"
  • ""
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  • "Lake of the High King"
  • ""
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  • "Fight"
  • ""


  • .


  2. Winnie and the Caretaker
  3. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
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