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"Go softly on!"
— The Seventeenth Caretaker's catchphrase
"Think out it."
— The Seventeenth Caretaker's second catchphrase

The Seventeenth Caretaker (-) represented the seventeenth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the nineteenth body in the lineup, and the sixth use of the renewal cycle given to him by the Time Lords.



When the original thirteen Caretakers joined forces to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War, Castellan Androgar informed General Dlavort that an additional eighth Caretakers had arrived also. The Day of the Caretaker


. The Starman Cometh

"Right then, eyesight. Not bad, bit blue. Ears: not pointy, right way up... more or less level. Face: well I've got one. Oh, the kidneys are interesting. Never had that before. Interesting kidneys."
— First Words of the Seventeenth Caretaker

. The White Witch











"I do hope the hair is a bit less flamboyant this time."
— Last Words of the Seventeenth Caretaker

. Mr. Friday



Undated eventsEdit

  • The Seventeenth Caretaker joined forces with his other incarnations to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War. The Day of the Caretaker

Alternate TimelinesEdit





The Seventeenth Caretaker was 1.87 metres tall.[1]



Psychological profileEdit


The Seventeenth Caretaker was originally light-hearted and prone to shy behaviour, which masked his intellect and courage. As he matured, he became a master manipulator who saw everyone around him as pawns in his crusade against evil, becoming cross and suspicious with those around him. After a bout with depression, the Caretaker mellowed out of his faults and became a confident and dashing hero.

The Seventeenth Caretaker started out as a somewhat shy, but was still brave, individual whose confidence waned on the odd occasion. He was also eccentric and funny, always willing to provide a good laugh or listen to one himself. Although he was always in trouble, he loved peace and quiet and was as surprised and frightened of alien menaces as those who faced them with him.

Despite his bluster and tendency to panic when events got out of control, the Caretaker always acted heroically and morally in his desire to help the oppressed. While he had a gentler way about himself than his previous incarnation, he could loss his temper when pushed too far, or when around someone who annoyed him.

As he matured, the Caretaker became cagey and cranky, tired of the suffering he had seen in the universe, but still maintained a whimsical charm, addressing the IDRIS as "old girl", not wishing to get his boots dirty in case he stepped in the IDRIS and made a mess, and speaking kindly to his young friends, though he would get particularly snappish with those who doubted that the IDRIS could travel through space and time.

Unlike his predecessors, the Seventeenth Caretaker became unwilling to alter the Web of Time, believing it was okay to send people to their deaths if history recorded them as deceased, and also refused Cyder's request to save her brother from being hit by a car due to it being a part of her timeline, and undoing it would cause a paradox. Nevertheless, he gave 21st century medicine to Captain Booths, and attempted to convince Abraham Lincoln not to go to Ford's Theatre.

After many years of scheming, the Caretaker decided to retire from his niche of manipulation, opting to become the curator of the London National Gallery. Feeling guilty and tired from his plotting, the Caretaker grew depressed, but became inspired to resume his travels after an archeological adventure with Pete Lambert, an old acquaintance from his eleventh incarnation.

After traveling with Pete, the Caretaker came to terms with his faults, becoming friendlier and more playful again. Indeed, the slow transition from a reluctant traveler to a grand schemer to a more kindly compatriot was completed here, as the Caretaker very much enjoyed embroiling himself in adventures with his assistants.

The seventeenth incarnation had a sparkling intellect and wit, making him an articulate and admirable logician, but with a bumbling, jovial side to his personality. Less impulsive than his previous incarnation, the Seventeenth Caretaker preferred to outwit his opponents and use impeccable reasoning and deduction to his considerable advantage.

He disagreed with all kinds of meat, loathed bus stations, and also hated cruelty, bigotry and unbiased prejudice. He also considered books, marshmallows and Earl Grey tea to be amongst the "finer things in life", along with the view from the banks of the Rhine, the ash oceans of Astragard and the pleasure of Cleopatra's court.

Despite his manipulative actions, the Caretaker did care for his companions, treating them like friends rather than subordinates, with their pain and sorrow affecting him deeply.

An absent minded incarnation, the Seventeenth Caretaker had trouble recognising people's age group, often neglected to ask for people's names because they "weren't his area", believed that minor clothing changes hid his identity, and failed to understand sarcastic humour.

In direct contrast to his previous incarnation, the Seventeenth Caretaker was opposed to violence of any sort, although he proved capable of rendering an opponent unconscious with a touch. While he was completely against the use of firearms, he gunned down foes when he deemed it necessary.

By his own testament, the Seventeenth Caretaker did not suffer fools gladly, nor did he tolerate poor manners, even when held at gunpoint, and he believed that one should make requests politely, as well as avoid bad language.

Though he had a great loathing for violence, the Caretaker had a deep streak of ruthlessness when needed; boiling Kaled mutants alive, reacting with humor after witnessing two men fall to their death in an acid bath, navigating an Ice Martian fleet into the sun, and ensuring that a relatively helpless party of Dreleks would all die. He was also aware of the need to see the "bigger picture", knowing that it was entirely proper to sacrifice one life if it would save the majority.

Despite his more approachable nature, the Seventeenth Caretaker's hatred toward the Drelek species was rigid, with Nicola describing it as "prejudice". He seemed conditioned to believe Dreleks could not change and was closed-minded as he dealt with their presence. After his act of fixing a malfunctioning "good" Drelek caused it to revert to "evil," the Caretaker was more pleased than horrified that his belief of there being "no such thing as a good Drelek" was vindicated, until a disgusted Bronwyn slapped him.

Habits and QuirksEdit

Unlike his immediate predecessors, the Seventeenth Caretaker relied little on his sonic screwdriver, preferring to use his wits and intellect to solve a problem, and delighted in creating elaborate contraptions to combat his opponents.

As he met new people, the Caretaker often offered them a handshake, smiling as he did so, and, when enticing a sense of mystery, he liked to tap the side of his nose.

When proposing a theory, the Caretaker would use words such as "question" or "proposition", and would begin his conclusion with "answer" or "conjecture". He would address young women as "child" and young men as "m'boy", and explained things in an entertaining tone.

When standing between two people encaging in conversation, the Caretaker would turn his head to face the one that was speaking, even if it meant turning his head back-and-forth.

When examining something, the Caretaker would sport a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles, tended to hold onto his collar while speaking about knowledge, and would stroke his ring when thinking intensely or before attempting something risky.

He often delegated some decisions to either a simple flip of a coin, or by incorporating "eeny, meeny, miny, moe".


The seventeenth incarnation was a master strategist, able to turned enemies against each other with a few choice words, and tricked the Operation into thinking he had renewed by having Face pose as the new Caretaker so he could covertly sabotaged the Operation's operations.

Highly observant, the Caretaker was able to point out danger from small hints that others would overlook or from small changes in his environment. He was also able to make accurate deductions from observing his surroundings, identifying the Aristotle as a medical ship within seconds of being onboard.

Despite his obese appearance, the Caretaker was spritely athletic, being able to outrun a squadron of soldiers ahead of Cyder and immediately start a daunting climb up a wall afterwards. He was also capable of dodging a Drelek gunstick at close range. He was also stronger than he appeared, hoisting an Eocene in the air by the throat in retaliation for experimenting on Pete.

Like his previous incarnations, the Caretaker possessed telepathic abilities, being able to link his mind with others to show them his thoughts, erase memories by placing his index finger on his subject's forehead, and block out anyone who tried to read his mind.

The Caretaker showed a knack for playing the sticks as a musical instrument, though this was seen less as he matured. He could also decipher the ingredients of a drink by smell alone; he claimed that rosemary made him sneeze.

Despite initially forgetting how to pilot his IDRIS due to post-regenerative trauma, the Seventeenth Caretaker soon mastered his way around the IDRIS console, being able to save Jane Cyder by piloting the IDRIS around her, one second before her ship exploded.

Relationship With Other SelvesEdit



Time and SpaceEdit

  • .



  1. Confirmed via toy bio.
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