Portrayed by:
"Oh, just a passing figure."
— The Operative's catchphrase

The Operative (2573-2581) represented a rogue incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, then in his second body.






"No... no, Alice..."
— First Words of the Operative

. Devious

Agent of the Time LordsEdit


Caretaker No MoreEdit






"So, when do we start?"
— Last Words of the Operative

. Devious





Undated eventsEdit

  • The Operative attended the funeral of William Newquon.[1]
  • The Operative joined forces with his other incarnations to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War. The Day of the Caretaker

Alternate TimelinesEdit





The Operative was 1.7 metres tall.



Psychological profileEdit


Full of self-doubt and self-loathing, the Operative not only thought himself unworthy of the name of "the Caretaker", but also of any identity at all, often leaving it to others to choose how they wished to address him. The Warmonger

Though not necessarily evil, the Operative's simplistic morality tended to lead him into making rash decisions. Devious

However, the Operative was aggressive and untrustworthy. In an early encounter with the High Council, he yelled at them venomously, an action unlike his previous incarnation. Devious He betrayed the Fourth, Sixth and Ninth Caretakers, as well as Brigadier William Newquon, to the Dreleks, cursing the Brigadier for his slow wit while doing so, using their capture as a distraction to retrieve the Eye of Time from the Daleks for the Time Lords. When Time Collapsed

The rogue incarnation was very sadistic, remorseless and arrogant in nature, having no empathy for his enemies, Devious killing trillions and causing mass panic, sometimes for something as small as making a point to someone, The Warmonger or because he had to maintain the flow of established history. Volcano Day

Despite this, the First Caretaker believed his successor to be misguided rather than outright evil and trusted his judgment. This proved to be a well placed trust, as the Operative returned to save his future selves from the Drelek Time Controller after initially abandoning them when his mission had been completed. When Time Collapsed

Habits and QuirksEdit



Despite his mournful appearance, the Operative was spritely athletic, being able to outrun a squadron of Dreleks and immediately start a daunting climb up a wall afterwards. Devious He was also stronger than he appeared, hoisting Lucius Petrus Dextrus in the air by his throat, and knocked out a Cult of Vulcan guard with a single right hook punch. Volcano Day

Though he was not good with long term plans, and preferred to improvises his schemes, the Operative paced his thinking, sometimes seeing a hidden solution after much contemplation. Devious

Relationship With Other SelvesEdit



Time and SpaceEdit

  • "Devious"
  • "The Warmonger"
  • "Soufflé Girl"
  • "The Day of the Caretaker" (cameo)
  • "Volcano Day"
  • "When Time Collapsed"


  • .


  1. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
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