Portrayed by:
— The Ninth Caretaker's catchphrase
"No more."
— The Ninth Caretaker's second catchphrase
"And for my next trick."
— The Ninth Caretaker's third catchphrase

The Ninth Caretaker (7599-8532) represented the ninth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the tenth body in the lineup.



The Fourth Caretaker saw a statue of his ninth incarnation during his visit to the Heligan Structure, where he was regarded as a boogeymen for his future self's actions against the inhabitants' ancestors. While Lyza commented on the nose, the Fourth Caretaker took notice of the ears and mole and was not pleased with the leather jacket he would one day wear. The People of the Tree


When the Last Great Time War erupted, the Eighth Caretaker managed to avoid the conflict, helping out its victims wherever he could. Eventually, as the war grew in scope and violence, he discovered a woman named Cass trapped aboard an out of control starship, inbound for the planet Karn. He attempted to rescue her from the vessel, but Cass rejected his offer when his Gyacaschian heritage was revealed. The Caretaker, however, refused to abandon Cass on the starship, letting himself die with her as the ship smashed into Karn's surface.


A freshly renewed Caretaker.

However, his renewal was temporarily halted by the Sisterhood of Karn, who offered him the ability to control his renewal and become the person he needed to be in order to end the Time War. Initially he refused, but after seeing Cass' charred corpse, on top of the many other tragedies of the Time War, the Caretaker's spirit finally broke. Accepting their help, he drank the Elixir of War, and renewed into the soldier the Time War needed. Make Me A Soldier
"Could've been worse. Look at the ears."
— First Words of the Ninth Caretaker

The Call of Duty

The Last Great Time WarEdit

During the Last Great Time War, the Caretaker fought on the front lines at the Fall of Elysium The Death of Molly Riddle, laughed in the face of the Nightmare Child The Man With Ten Faces and attempted to save a group of sentient suns from falling into another universe. The Storm in Heaven Brolon legends say it was the Caretaker who led the Time Lords into battle. Operation: Blue Sky

The Caretaker was later held prisoner for over a month on an unknown planet. With the help of a Malmooth named Chantir, he managed to overpower the prison's guards and escape. He then managed to obtain the Great Key of Astrobus. The Caretaker planned to use the Great Key to open the Time Vaults of the Capitol and bring an end to the war. The Man With Ten Faces

. The Day of the Caretaker

Post-Time WarEdit

Crash landing with temporary-amnesia on a world populated by avians, the Caretaker was taken to their ailing leader, Osskah Longspan, who was in the final throes of a fatal illness and the Caretaker had to attempt a life-saving operation. The Caretaker tried to distract Osskah's attention from the pain by telling him about his memery loss and the few things he could remember. Osskah then related the story of a civil war between his people, the Red Tommy flock, which wiped out the other half their race, the White Tommy flock. The operation to save Osskah failed and the two of them realised the truth of the other's actions: Osskah was the murderous leader of the Red Tommy flock who now regrets his actions and the Time War opened a rift in space through which the avian world is falling. Escaping the destruction with as many Red Tommies as he could, the Caretaker was presented with a book recollecting the history of the Tommy flocks by Osskah, who wanted his people to be remembered. After leaving the surviving Tommy flock on San Helios, the Caretaker decided to find a way to heal his amnesia. The Storm in Heaven

Trying to reclaim his memories, the Cartaker attended the funeral of William Newquon, where he saw his other incarnations and, upon seeing their faces, was able to reclaim his pre-Time War memories.[1]

Still traumatised by the Time War, the Caretaker decided to start his travels afresh, even restarting his age count. He spent two hundred years on Titan III pondering his place in a universe without Gyacasch, before deciding to continue with his travels. [[.|.]]

Identity CrisisEdit


The Adventure ContinuesEdit


The Caretaker visited and attempted to terraform the planet Golrandonvar for human colonists, but discovered the terraforming would wipe out the native race, the Thara, and helped to defend the planet. The People of the Tree

Taking On CompanionsEdit


Travels with MollyEdit


The Companion Who Couldn'tEdit


Educating MollyEdit


Joined by Captain George HarperEdit


The Prosecutor's Last SchemeEdit


The Battle of the Game StationEdit




"So was I."
— Last Words of the Ninth Caretaker

. The Long Game



Undated eventsEdit

  • The Ninth Caretaker visited Peter Greenawake to try and convince him to awaken from his self-inflicted coma. Wake Up
  • The Ninth Caretaker was present during the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Krakatoa's eruption, Run pushed boxes at the Boston Tea Party, Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead and participated in drinking contest with David Lloyd George in 10 Downing Street. Aliens in Downing Street
  • He also became an unsuccessful architect, witnessed King George VI's coronation, saw the Boston Red Sox game of 1998, tried to warn Archduke Franz Ferdinand of his assassination, visited the ruins of Pompeii, looked at a war memorial in a 1946 village, reassured children on the last day of WWII, gave career advice to Fettes College students, took part in the Manhattan Project, became a hobo in Manchester, attended the Royal Wedding in 1981, protested the destruction of Brighton's West Pier, talked to clubbers about reggae music in 1999 Prague, toured the Louvre, had an argument with his seventh incarnation on a university campus, removed all references of himself from several library books, talked to giraffes as Chester Zoo, and comforted a woman as her husband died.[2]
  • The Ninth Caretaker was at Chartwell on 16 November 1936, where he met Winston Churchill again. The Caretaker told Churchill that King Edward VIII's lover, Wallis Simpson, was an alien.[3]
  • The Ninth Caretaker attended the wedding of Adam Friedlander and Caroline Walters. The Hunters of the Burning Stone

Alternate TimelinesEdit




The Ninth Caretaker originally had a stern, shaven and determined face with a head of long, dark brown hair. Make Me A Soldier However, after spending many years fighting in the Time War, The Day of the Caretaker he became jaded and tired, with visible wrinkles and weary eyes. Run The Caretaker also allowed himself to grow a beard during the Time War, The Man With Ten Faces though he would shave occasionally. The Day of the Caretaker Towards the end of the war, and long afterwards, he wore his hair close-cropped, unlike his previous incarnation, who had had longer, curly hair. Run

He had large ears and he considered his nose, chin and cheekbones large as well. Run He jokingly claimed they enhanced their respective senses. Gas Mask Zombies

The Ninth Caretaker was 1.83 metres tall.[4]


In stark contrast to the extravagant dress of most of his predecessors, the ninth incarnation primarily wore a plain leather jacket, Run compared to that worn by German U-boat captains by George Harper, Gas Mask Zombies with a number of jumpers, coming in plain red, Run navy blue, Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead zippered green, Danger of the Dreleks and plain black. Dining with the Enemy Completing the ensemble were dark trousers, a pair of black leather boots, and a black, strapped wristwatch, Run which he often looked at to find out dates and years. Aliens in Downing Street He stole most of these clothes during his escape from St. Jeremiah's Asylum. Into Asylum

During the Last Great Time War, the Caretaker wore a leather overcoat, a red jumper knitted in a zigzag pattern, and his previous incarnation's Victorian-style waistcoat. He also wore also black trousers with a box-frame belt and combat boots. The Man With Ten Faces

During his self-exile on Titan III, the Caretaker wore white, frilly shirt, dark trousers and laced up shoes under a hooded, burgundy robe. He abandoned them when he felt it was time for his self-exile to end.

Afterwards, the Caretaker headed to the American Civil War to serve as a medic as a final atonement, during which he wore both a Union Army captain's uniform and a Confederate colonel's uniform when sifting sides. He had to abandon both uniforms when he faked his death to escape both armies when they found out he had assisted both sides.

Trying to distance himself from his Time War days, the Caretaker began wearing a black knee-length velvet jacket, a white shirt with a dark green waistcoat and a purple cravat, black trousers and Doc Martens. However, he felt the outfit "wasn't him" and replaced it with a blue leather jacket with a white t-shirt, green jumper, blue jeans and black boots.

Psychological profileEdit


The Time War caused the Caretaker to be addled with much regret, sadness, and weighted guilt, but he also managed to be cheerful and compassionate with a few hints of witty humour and sarcasm. The End of the World He was also stern, as indicated by his dislike for childlike vocabulary like "timey-wimey". He considered the fact that the Eleventh Caretaker used such words as a proof that he was ashamed of being a grown-up. The Day of the Caretaker

This incarnation of the Caretaker was deeply affected by his actions in the Last Great Time War. He hid his sorrow with a façade of manic energy and a sharp, offbeat wit. Run Nevertheless the weight of his act of double genocide preyed upon him, creating an emotional incarnation of great sorrow and anger. Danger of the Dreleks He was sometimes emotionally exhausted and would break down when faced with pain, suffering, or death. The End of the World This once resulted in a moment of joy and relief when he realised that he could reverse the pain and suffering he had encountered, whooping that "Just this once - everybody lives!" Gas Mask Zombies Upon learning that he had a chance to prevent Gyacasch's destruction, he became ecstatically happy and took solace in the fact he would forget about it's survival, seeing as how everything would turn out alright for him in the end. The Day of the Caretaker

The Ninth Caretaker possessed a new appreciation for the wonders of the universe and more keenly than ever burned with a desire to keep the universe safe from harm. The End of the World Despite this, he was more adept at noticing the flaws of humanity than any of his predecessors. Aliens in Downing Street Nevertheless, he still retained the selfless and caring attitude that he carried throughout his previous lives, never once hesitating to put himself in harm's way in attempt to save those around him. [[.|.]]

More aloof than other incarnations, the Caretaker failed to consider any discomfort the IDRIS translation circuit would cause, [[.|.]] was willing to allow to Gelth to occupy dead human bodies, likening it to recycling, much to Molly's disgust, [[.|.]] and treated people with disrespect if they got on his bad side. [[.|.]]

The Ninth Caretaker displayed a huge sense of authority and justice against his enemies. He was willing to let them die when he felt it justified their actions, claiming that everything had its time and that everything eventually ends, The End of the World but was willingly to use diplomacy. Run He showed a particular dislike for those who tried to justify their actions by saying they were only following orders, telling the Female Programmer she had lost the right to even talk to him when she tried to use that excuse. [[.|.]]

Despite initially coming across as emotionally scarred and melancholy, the Ninth Caretaker displayed a fun side from time to time, bobbing his head to Britney Spears' "Toxic", [[.|.]] enjoying a meal with Nancy and her children friends, having a dance with Molly Riddle, [[.|.]] openly flirting with George Harper and enjoying some downtime in Cardiff with Molly, George and Sammy. [[.|.]]

The Caretaker expressed a keen interest in history, particularly Earth's, once claiming he travelled in time specifically so he could see history unfold. Aliens in Downing Street He was also a fan of Charles Dickens. He reacted with glee when he met the man, both admiring and criticising his work, Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead and would often read his books during his spare time. Bus #27 He also had a fondness for bananas. Gas Mask Zombies

Similar to his seventh incarnation, the Ninth Caretaker was also painfully aware of the need to see the "bigger picture". Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead He knew that it was entirely proper to sacrifice his people if it would save the universe. The Day of the Caretaker Despite this, the Ninth Caretaker cared very deeply about his friends and was reluctant to put them in danger. Aliens in Downing Street

Preferring to remain unnoticed in the background, the Caretaker would encourage others into acts of heroism, though he was unafraid to confront his adversaries directly. [[.|.]]

When dared by the Drelek Emperor, the Caretaker struggled with the decision to destroy the Dreleks and the Earth or simply allow the Dreleks to kill him and take over the universe. In the end, he couldn't bring himself to destroy the Earth, even to rid the universe of the Dreleks. The Long Game In doing so however, the Caretaker had proven that he had become a better man than he was when he last encountered a Drelek, whom he had tortured sadistically. That Drelek had even stated the Ninth Caretaker would have made a good Drelek himself. Danger of the Dreleks

Habits and QuirksEdit

The ninth incarnation spoke with a distinctive Northern English accent. He had a fondness for saying "terrific" whenever he saw something of interest Run or especially dangerous. The End of the World He had a tendency to incorporate "no more" into his dialogue Run and often used "oi" to get people's attention. Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead While his previous incarnations were rarely heard uttering curse words, the ninth incarnation tended to use minor curses more freely. The End of the World

Like the first and seventh incarnations, the Ninth Caretaker was often critical of human nature. For example, he called humans "stupid apes", Run especially when angered by their actions. Wounded Time He also displayed a certain level of joy when it came to toying with people emotionally, often addressing them by the wrong name or insulting their intelligence. Aliens in Downing Street

He did not "do domestic", as he put it, which led to tension in his interactions with Judy Riddle, Aliens in Downing Street and rarely spoke of his past to others. The End of the World The Caretaker often made dry jokes to those around him to diffuse tension, but usually ended up failing. Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead

The Ninth Caretaker had a habit of folding his arms when lecturing Wounded Time or listening intently. Satellite 5 He would also grin when happy Run or when he found something funny. Dining with the Enemy He was overconfident about his plans, even if he didn't think they would work. Run He often gave speeches about things Run or lectured those he wished to scold. Wounded Time


This incarnation of the Caretaker could be quite violent, Danger of the Dreleks and sometimes got into physical combat, being able to wrestle the head off an Autowax copy of Samuel West, [[.|.]] hold his own against Idris Hopper, [[.|.]] and throw a guard against the wall whilst breaking out of prison. The Long Game Despite being bad at card tricks, Run he was a good pickpocket. Gas Mask Zombies

The Ninth Caretaker also possessed a passion and talent for dancing, including the Cha-cha-cha Gas Mask Zombies, the Waltz, Tap, and the Hustle.[5] He was also an accomplished musician, being able to play the spoons and an electric guitar. Open Mic Night

The Caretaker was also skilled at video games, Winner Takes All knew how to handle explosives, [[.|.]] was also able to communicate with animals, [[.|.]] and could be a capable swordsman when the situation called for it. [[.|.]]

The Ninth Caretaker was also an impressive marksman, able to inscription "NO MORE" onto a wall with a gun, and keep his aim despite a battle taking place around him. [[.|.]] He was also able to wield a Temporal Cannon against a Drelek, [[.|.]] and duel wielding against a squad of attacking Drelek shells. The Empty Drelek

The Caretaker could slow down his perception of time just by concentrating on it, being able to pass through spinning blades with his eyes shut as a result. [[.|.]] He also showed the ability to suck the power of the Time Vortex out of Molly Riddle with a kiss, saving her life at the cost of forcing him to renew. [[.|.]]

When he took Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slideen out for a last meal, the Caretaker showed keen reflexes by catching a poisoned dart-like claw in mid-air with his fingers without even looking up from the menu, and repealing her exhaled poison with some mouthwash before she could exhale the full force of her fatal breath. [[.|.]]

Much like his fourth incarnation, the Nine Caretaker could judge character quickly, [[.|.]] and could asses his surroundings with ease. [[.|.]]

Relationship With Other SelvesEdit



Time and SpaceEdit

  • "Run"
  • "The End of the World"
  • "Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead"
  • "Wounded Time"
  • "Aliens in Downing Street"
  • "Danger of the Dreleks"
  • "Great Difficulty"
  • "Satellite 5"
  • "Gas Mask Zombies"
  • "Dining with the Enemy"
  • "The Long Game"
  • ""


  • .


  1. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
  3. Winnie and the Caretaker
  4. Confirmed via toy bio.
  5. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
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