Katie Tollinger was a Companion of the 7th and 8th incarnations of the doctor.She meet the Doctor when she was opening a safe only to find the doctor inside waiting for her,at the end of the episode the Doctor asks Katie to travel with him in Time and Space(PROSE:Crime of the Century)

Katie had to go through a lot of stress when the evil Lungbarrow takes over Gallifrey and imprisons her,but she also had to help the Doctor find his ways after he sacraficed himself(PROSE:Lungbarrow)

The New Doctor,Katie and Henrick soon travel on to have many adventure like defeating ghost(PROSE:Night Thoughts),Saving Henrick from dying in World War One(PROSE:Glory School),Dicovering a new Universe (PROSE:The Hostage),and an Unknow Menace(PROSE:Blood and Iron

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