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(born June 5, 1988[1])



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Ollie PowersEdit

  • "Room Full of Geniuses" (Cameo)
  • "The New Hank" (Cameo)
  • "I Want My Body Back" (Cameo)
  • "Animal Attraction" (Cameos)
  • "Newsworthy" (Cameos)
  • "Average Guy"
  • "At the Concert Tonight" (Cameos)
  • "The Lair of the Beast"
  • "How Many Ronnies Are There?" (Cameo)
  • "Make a Man Out of You"
  • "The Pinocchio Effect" (Cameo)
  • "Trouble at the Space Center"
  • "Science Partners"
  • "Tutor" (Cameos)
  • "Naked Genius" (Cameos)
  • "Wheels" (Cameo)
  • "Everybody Talks About the Weather Machine" (Cameo)
  • "The Queen Bebe" (Cameo)
  • "Car Alarm"
  • "Shear Strength"
  • "Talent Show" (Cameos)
  • "Blush" (Cameos)
  • "Monkey See, Monkey Do" (Cameos)
  • "The Outsider" (Cameos)
  • "Chair" (Cameo)
  • "Emotion Sickness"
  • "We Stick Together" (Cameo)
  • "Be My Bad Boy" (Cameo)
  • "Honor" (Cameo)
  • "Where Have All The Villains Gone?" (Cameo)
  • "Ollie Powers: Race Against Time"
  • "Ollie Powers: All That" (Cameos)
  • "Unsuitable" (Cameo)
  • "Help Wanted" (Cameo)
  • "Two Places at Once"
  • "Out of This World" (Cameo)
  • "The Hyde Factor"
  • "Fashion Victims" (Cameo)
  • "Grande Size" (Cameos)
  • "Aye, Aye, Captain"
  • "The Intruder"
  • "Risk Factor" (Cameo)
  • "Stop Team Go" (Cameos)
  • "Someone for Everyone" (Cameos)
  • "The Little Things in Life"
  • "Graduation Day" (Cameos)

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  • .


  1. Confirmed by toy bio.

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