Portrayed by:
"Sorry, must dash."
— The Fifth Caretaker's catchphrase
"Brave heart, Eden."
— The Fifth Caretaker's other catchphrase

The Fifth Caretaker (4450-4648) represented the fifth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the sixth body in the lineup.






"Nectar? Stewed apricots? No custard?! I—Oh. Was that the last of it?"
— First Words of the Fifth Caretaker

. Professor Solon's Monster

Early AdventuresEdit


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Encountering His Other SelvesEdit


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Changed WaysEdit


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Final TravelsEdit




— Last Words of the Fifth Caretaker

. The Madness of Sharaz Jek



Undated eventsEdit

  • The Fifth Caretaker visited Peter Greenawake to try and convince him to awaken from his self-inflicted coma. Wake Up
  • Accompanied by Eden and Scorby, the Fifth Caretaker paid a visit to Sid's to check up on Arkinen. The Old Rogue
  • The Fifth Caretaker joined Winston Churchill and his wife, Clementine, for a game of cricket in 1931.[1]
  • The Fifth Caretaker attended the funeral of William Newquon.[2]
  • The Fifth Caretaker joined forces with his other incarnations to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War. The Day of the Caretaker

Alternate TimelinesEdit





The Fifth Caretaker was 1.84 metres tall.



The Caretaker's second outfit.


The Caretaker's third outfit.


Psychological profileEdit


The fifth incarnation was probably the most open and vulnerable of all the Caretakers, coming across as naïve and inexperienced, acting like a child excited to see new worlds and foreign places. [[.|.]] He was neither pretentious nor selfish and reacted to situations rather than starting them. [[.|.]] His young appearance was reflected in the youthfulness of his companions, whom he treated like friends rather than subordinates, with their pain and sorrow affecting him deeply. [[.|.]] His humanity made him panicky and indecisive under pressure, [[.|.]] but he could use dissembling and deceit in order to avert a crisis or defeat an adversary. [[.|.]]

However, the Caretaker's boyish appearance, nervous energy, and charm all hid the fact that he was a Time Lord of great age, compassion, and experience. [[.|.]] He was willing to take chances with companions like Dgeak Scorby [[.|.]] and Kam-ELN, [[.|.]] who were originally threats, even as he pretended to be unaware of it in order to grant Scorby the opportunity to do the right thing. [[.|.]] He was also willing to make enormous personal sacrifices simply to keep his word and liberate others from suffering, [[.|.]] and was willing to stop and help others while dealing with greater threats. [[.|.]]

Despite his youthful body and love of cricket, the fifth incarnation was one of the least physical Caretakers. He preferred to use talk and diplomacy to solve a problem. [[.|.]] He was, however, still very capable when pushed to physical confrontations. [[.|.]] He gained trust by proving himself instead of using his vast experience as an excuse to take charge. [[.|.]] Indeed, he worked willingly under the leadership of others who had the strong command presence that he lacked. [[.|.]]

The fifth incarnation was notably sarcastic, especially towards Eden Brown and Darius Adcryon, usually in the politest way possible. [[.|.]] He also tried to find a positive approach to life, even if it was a delusional one, fixating on the idea that Mondas was 1950s Trafalgar Square, willfully ignoring the mine carts and giant underground cavern overhead, [[.|.]] and when he and Sircy were caught arrested for using future currency during the Jacobin era, the Caretaker comforted Sircy by pointing out that they still used Earth-based coins. [[.|.]]

The fifth incarnation showed a great loathing for violence, needless bloodshed and the pain and suffering of others. [[.|.]] He failed to execute Dekker in cold blood [[.|.]] and, at the android's request, reluctantly killed Kam-ELN. [[.|.]] Despite this, he gunned down foes when he deemed it necessary [[.|.]] and did not move to save the Manager from a fiery death, though he did seem deeply upset by his part in it. [[.|.]] He also accepted a pistol from King Louis, but only so he would not contradict the hotheaded king. [[.|.]]

Despite his pacifistic ways, the Fifth Caretaker did posses a dark side, which he released upon his enemies when it was necessary. [[.|.]] He could loss his temper when pushed too far, [[.|.]] or when around someone who annoyed him, Time Clash and also showed off an immature and childish side when he argued with his companions over going places he personally not want to go to, coming up with every excuse he could to prevent them from going. [[.|.]] He was also willing to physically slap someone to calm them down, as with Stanford Black, [[.|.]] and could also get impatient with those around him, especially his companions. [[.|.]]

Towards the end of his life, the Fifth Caretaker displayed a more relaxed and controlled side, with a hint of sarcasm in his word structure. [[.|.]]

Habits and QuirksEdit

In an occasional reminder of his actual age, the Caretaker would sport a pair of glasses when examining something. [[.|.]] These were his "brainy specs", which he wore to make him look "a bit clever". Time Clash

The encourage others, the Caretaker would tell them to have a "brave heart", especially with Eden. [[.|.]] He was also known to be fond of "Sorry, must dash" when leaving in a hurry. [[.|.]]

He often delegated some decisions to a simple flip of a coin. [[.|.]]


The Fifth Caretaker could decipher the ingredients of a drink by smell alone; rosemary made him sneeze. [[.|.]] He also retained the sword-fighting acumen [[.|.]] and unarmed combat skills of his second and fourth incarnations, [[.|.]] although the latter was showcased sparingly, and in self-defense. [[.|.]]

He carried a Molenski Univarius, that he claimed could fix anything, [[.|.]] and learned how to perform coin magic from Darius Adcryon. [[.|.]]

The Fifth Caretaker was able to swim out of danger, even while dazed, and was capable of holding his breath for a long period of time. [[.|.]]

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Time and SpaceEdit

  • "Entropy Increases"
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  • "Poison Ivy"
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  • "The Game of Astrobus"
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  • "Wanderers"
  • "The Influence of the Dreleks"
  • "Logar's Gifts"
  • "The Madness of Sharaz Jek"
  • ""


  • .


  1. Winnie and the Caretaker
  2. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
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