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"Well, obviously."
— The Fifteenth Caretaker's catchphrase
"This isn't good."
— The Fifteenth Caretaker's second catchphrase

The Fifteenth Caretaker (-) represented the fifteenth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the seventeenth body in the lineup, and the fourth use of the renewal cycle given to him by the Time Lords.



When the original thirteen Caretakers joined forces to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War, Castellan Androgar informed General Dlavort that an additional eight Caretakers had arrived also. The Day of the Caretaker



"Puccini... Madame Butterfly..."
— First Words of the Fifteenth Caretaker

. Imperium of the Great Intelligence



Early RetirementEdit


The Hero AgainEdit


A Universe at PerilEdit


Agent of the Time LordsEdit


Freedom GrantedEdit






"Time to change... like a... butterfly..."
— Last Words of the Fifteenth Caretaker

. The Men of Tomorrow



Undated eventsEdit

  • The Fifteenth Caretaker joined forces with his other incarnations to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War. The Day of the Caretaker

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The Fifteenth Caretaker was 1.83 metres tall.[1]



Psychological profileEdit


Authoritative, yet rebellious, the Fifteenth Caretaker was quick to demand action just as much as he felt compelled to take action himself. If unsatisfied with someone's handling of a situation, he would step in forcefully and take charge, especially if they seemed aggressive and undiplomatic.

Due to his exile on Earth, the Caretaker was often frustrated about his mistreatment and became arrogant from time-to-time, often getting into bickers with Colonel Mace, due to not agreeing with his military methods, but would always apologise for his harsh words. At times, he could become argumentative and needed to be defused in order to establish fluid communication with his associates, but could be quite humble and sociable when cheerful.

Of sound mind and strong spirit, the Fifteenth Caretaker had a profound aptitude for deductive reasoning. Upon meeting a person, he would often scan them, using elements of their appearance to deduce their past or personality. However, the Caretaker didn't seem to realise that he occasionally upset people with his deductions about their personal lives.

The fifteenth incarnation had a manipulative streak, and, in multiple instances, used this to his advantage, refusing to compromise his plans. Nevertheless, he still retained the caring attitude that he carried throughout his previous lives, never once hesitating to put himself in harm's way in attempt to protect those around him.

Unlike his predecessors, the fifteenth incarnation was not an affectionate Caretaker, failing to return or protesting against hugs, believing they were just another way to hide a face. He was momentarily dumbfounded when Maid Marian pecked him on the cheek in gratitude for saving her, and reacted with horror when snogged by Letitia Dean.

The Caretaker was not nostalgic, living firmly in the present, and enjoyed pushing himself to his limit, both mentally and physically, prone to boredom and mild depression when not challenged. He also expressed a strong dislike for soldiers because of their hidebound nature, and was easily annoyed by swashbucklers who did not take things seriously, while also claiming to dislike mimes, babysitters, bantering and salutes.

Though he retained a respect for humanity, the Fifteenth Caretaker would insult humans for being slow minded and violent, dubbing Earth the "planet of the pudding-brains." Nonetheless, he tolerated the company of those who could engage him intellectually, and claimed to respect humanity enough to allow it to determine its own future without any interference from him. He also liked people who got straight to the point, and thought anyone who wasn't scared in life-threatening situations was an idiot.

The fifteenth incarnation held a strong disgust towards people who were stupidly stubborn, selfishly goal-driven, or close-minded. These types of people would anger him further if they refused to listen to him, ignored his protests, or went to absurd lengths to dodge the risk of being proven wrong.

The Caretaker displayed a huge sense of authority against his enemies, willing to let them die when he felt it justified their actions, and showed a particular dislike for those who tried to justify their actions by saying they were only following orders.

Although he seemed to be a cold-hearted intellectual, the Caretaker did have a kind, caring side, being protective of those he cared about. He was serious, and often angry, but wasn't averse to the odd bit of fun, seeming to find running away from pursuers, ridiculous situations and the stupidity of others amusing and often made quips at the expense of his TASK colleagues. He also valued honesty and fair play and didn't like to be in debt with anyone.

Despite initially coming across as emotionally restricted and melancholy, the Fifteenth Caretaker displayed a fun side from time to time, bobbing his head to Foxes' "Clarity", enjoying a meal with the Campbell-Newquon family, having a dance with Becky Tawb, and enjoying some downtime in Milton Keynes with Becky, McGillop and Belle Kingston.

While he described himself as having had "sophistication and timeless sartorial elegance" restored, the Fifteenth Caretaker was not above acting childish; requesting a children's menu at Mancini's Family Restaurant, sliding down stairs and ladders, bickering with policemen, and whistling tunes to annoy his TASK colleagues.

The Caretaker was a fan of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man, The Green Hornet, and model train sets. He also had a soft spot for cats, didn't believe in ghosts, and considered ninety-five to be his "lucky number". He insisted he was psychologically incapable of experiencing survivor's guilt, despite evidence to he contrary, and claimed not to understand the idea of gloating.

An eternal optimist, the Caretaker often comforted people when all hope seemed lost to them, even in his dying breath. While very little managed to scare him, the Caretaker had a fear of heights and hospitals, and could be deeply unnerved by long imprisonment.

Habits and QuirksEdit

The Caretaker displayed a fondness for singing, having a repertoire of show tunes, and was known to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, and took his tea with extra sugar.

Like the Ninth Caretaker labeling humanity as "stupid apes", the Fifteenth Caretaker would call them "pudding brains" when he found them slow-minded or stupid. When a person changed their mind, or stated something contradictory, the Caretaker would compare them to a rollercoaster. When in a moment of realisation or thinking intensely, he would often tell people to "shut up", regardless if anyone else was speaking. He also had a tendency to repeat himself when he was trying to make a point, or when he got excited.

In his spare time, the Caretaker could be found jotting down equations and theories on various chalkboards in his TASK lab or his IDRIS console room.


Highly observant, the Caretaker was also able to make accurate deductions from observing his surroundings, identifying a federation warship within seconds of being onboard, and solving the riddle of the Foretold within sixty-six seconds. He could also read minds, but preferred to read expressions and body language to save himself time.

The Caretaker was a talented pick-pocketed and hacker, and could play the violin, sousaphone, cello, harp, banjo, and the piano.

Like several of his predecessors, the Fifteenth Caretaker was both a highly proficient swordsman and skilled in Venusian aikido, using deductive reasoning to identify the weaknesses of his opponents before taking them down.

Having learned boxing from John L. Sullivan, the Caretaker was able to wrestle the head off an Autowax copy of Tom McGillop, hold his own against Captain Andrews, and overpower various guards whilst breaking out of prison.

As cunning as his seventh incarnation, the Fifteenth Caretaker was able to spin a fatal outcome into an advantage, such as using the deaths of Emile Moorhouse and Captain Quell as an opportunity to figure out a way to defeat the Foretold.

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Time and SpaceEdit

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  1. Confirmed via toy bio.
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