During his travels with the Prices.

Portrayed by:
"Bow ties are cool."
— The Eleventh Caretaker's catchphrase
— The Eleventh Caretaker's other catchphrase

The Eleventh Caretaker (8549-9670) represented the eleventh incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the twelfth body in the lineup.



In 1851 London, the Tenth Caretaker met a human called Edward Wallace who believed himself to be the Caretaker. The Caretaker thought Wallace might be his next incarnation, or a later one. A Man Called the Caretaker



"Can I have an apple? All I can think about. Apples. I think I'm having a craving? That's new. Never had cravings before."
— First Words of the Eleventh Caretaker

. The Girl Who Waited

The First AdventuresEdit


The Fiancée and FiancéEdit


Forgetting NeilEdit


Treating BobEdit


Adventuring Further with BobEdit


Restarting the UniverseEdit


Bob and Neil's HoneymoonEdit


The Occasional TripEdit


The Power of the SilenceEdit


New Adventures with Bob and NeilEdit


Darkest HourEdit


Search for Agent-99Edit


Further AdventuresEdit


Prolonging the InevitableEdit

Knowing his assassination was a fixed point in time, the Caretaker went on another "farewell tour",Closing Time which lasted 1023 years.[1]

Date With DestinyEdit


After leaving Dorium, the Caretaker attended the funeral of William Newquon.[2]

Return to the ShadowsEdit


Final Adventures with Bob and NeilEdit




The PastEdit


A New CompanionEdit


During his travels with Mabel.




In Victorian London.


The Search for CarmenEdit


Unwinding the MysteryEdit


During his travels with Carmen.


Reminders of the PastEdit

. The Day of the Caretaker

Gyacasch Falls No MoreEdit

. The Day of the Caretaker

Keep Buggering OnEdit


Losing HimselfEdit




"Don't be afraid."
— Last Words of the Eleventh Caretaker

. Silent Night



Undated eventsEdit

  • The Eleventh Caretaker visited Peter Greenawake to try and convince him to awaken from his self-inflicted coma. Wake Up
  • The Eleventh Caretaker and Bob attended the thirteenth anniversary of William and Gemma Newquon in 1987. Fade Away
  • After saving sentient horses from a casino, the Caretaker and Daphne Downs had an argument that resulted in the Caretaker spending a month sulking among otters. Coal Hill School

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The Eleventh Caretaker was 1.8 metres tall after his renewal and was 1.83 metres tall at the time of his death.



Psychological profileEdit


The Eleventh Caretaker was energetic, lively, eccentric, and very alien compared to his previous incarnation. He was resourceful and quick-thinking, able to spin things to his point of view and find positive outlooks in negative situations, The Girl Who Waited and preferred to settle problems through negotiation rather than violence. The Ground Beneath Their Feet

More childish in nature than his previous incarnations, the Eleventh Caretaker frequently defined himself as a "a mad man with a box", [[.|.]] and was too childish for the psychic paper to recognize him as a "mature and responsible adult". [[.|.]] His inner-child was most prominent when traveling with his in-laws, Bob Price and Neil Blackwood, with the duo often taking a parental responsibility over him. [[.|.]] After a bout with depression in Victorian era London, the Caretaker began to behave more maturely, [[.|.]] preparing extensively, calculating the odds and calling for help when needed, but still maintained a child-like outlook on life. [[.|.]]

Much like his third incarnation, he showed a childlike recklessness, but always had a grand scheme behind his actions. Vampires in Venice He was often deceptive and manipulative: lying, habitually putting elaborate plans in place and executing them, even if the plans emotionally hurt his loved ones. 05:02pm He thought aloud when he was panicking or stressed. He tended to babble about what he knew about a current situation to come up with a plan, believing that he would have one when he finished talking. The Power of Storytelling

This incarnation of the Caretaker was very kind to and admired by children for his eccentric, tender, playful and childlike personality. The Ground Beneath Their Feet He showed a great deal of compassion for children, unable to resist helping if one was upset The Crying Child or scared. Bedtime He also showed great sympathy for those who had suffered terribly at the hands of others. The Crying Child

Much like his previous incarnation, the Caretaker felt his age when it took him a longer time to figure things out. Vincent and the Caretaker Because of his age, he was sometimes pessimistic, looking at the negative things about life. Closing Time However, he admitted he could see the positive things with help from companions. Vampires in Venice

The Caretaker was extremely impatient, [[.|.]] needing to keep himself entertained because he'd "lose his mind out of boredom", and had a poor concept of time, doing a serious of tasks in an hour without realising the amount of time that had passed. [[.|.]] Despite his child-like impatience, he enjoyed reading. [[.|.]] After a growth in maturity, the Caretaker's patience became more controllable. [[.|.]]

When things looked bleakest, he liked to have those around him focus on survival, The Crash of the Byzantium usually with reverse psychology and brutal honesty. [[.|.]] When thinking about how to solve a problem, the Caretaker blocked out all outside distractions, even his companions' comments. The Crash of the Byzantium He fully expected his companions to disobey him, as most his previous ones had, The Crying Child and was surprised when Carmen listened to his instructions. Mutually Assured Destruction He also took a liking to people who were very observant and good at making deductions, The Impossible Hotel but disliked being around people who were too slow to figure things out. The Jurassic Ark

When facing a personal problem or when seeing a situation as too dangerous for his companions, the Caretaker would demand they return to the IDRIS Vampires in Venice or would leave them in the safest place possible. Winston Churchill and the Dreleks At times, he would trick them into doing so The Caretaker's Companion or have someone else do it for him. Demons Run

This incarnation was willing to sacrifice himself for his friends or for the greater good, closing the Time Cracks knowing he would end up on the wrong side and be erased from reality. The Power of Storytelling Another example is that he would blow up a submarine with nuclear missiles under Skaldak's control to keep the Earth from being destroyed. Mutually Assured Destruction He often put aside his own safety if his companions were endangered, proved by his decision to risk collapsing his entire time stream to get Carmen back. Soufflé Girl

Despite his willingness to sacrifice himself, and the fact that he cared deeply about his companions, the Caretaker admitted that he could be selfish at times, telling Bob that he had taken her with him because he was vain and wanted to be adored. The Impossible Hotel The Caretaker also showed arrogance at times, The Crying Child though his arrogance was a façade to hide his insecurities and the guilt he felt over ruining his past companions' lives. The War Criminal

The Caretaker also showed a fondness for music, and claimed to have played with various composers and musicians. Asylum of the Dreleks He also liked music more contemporary, at one time visiting a studio to contribute some urban backing vocals. [[.|.]] The Eleventh Caretaker also had a fondness for strange words, such as "Shenanagins" The Almost People and "Toggle". The Hider in the House

Despite all of the above, the Eleventh Caretaker thought that he was not a good man, Demons Run seeming more susceptible to changes in personality; he grew more vicious, unforgiving, and developed a short temper when he didn't have company to restrain his dark side. The Gunslinger's Tragedy Not unlike his previous incarnation, he could be ruthless at times, exhibiting an arrogance that, combined with his ruthlessness, turned to righteous anger. The Year of the Moon Under the influence of that anger, he would strike out at those who committed horrific acts. The Jurassic Ark

The Caretaker also had a very distrusting nature, especially towards Daphne Downs. The Year of the Moon However, the two eventully grew to love one another, even marrying on the battlefield of a broken timeline. 05:02pm The Caretaker came to love Daphne so much that he, after all he had seen and been through, couldn't bear to think of her death and the prospects of never seeing his eccentric wife again. Soufflé Girl His lack of trust in others was also shown by the way he acted with Carmen Montague. Although he was nice to her whenever they were together, the Doctor grew brooding and suspicious whenever Carmen's back was turned, The Hider in the House until he finally confronted Carmen about her ability to resurrect, and realised that Carmen genuinely had no idea that she had lived other lives and was very happy because he now knew that whatever had happened to her, she wasn't part of it. This also led the Caretaker to think of Carmen as a person and not just a puzzle that needed solving, Raiders of the Old Abandoned Lighthouse leading him to start trusting her. The Last Technoman

The Caretaker had a tendency towards self-loathing for his actions, [[.|.]] and was more self-deprecating than his predecessors. [[.|.]] The Caretaker also hated himself for being merciful due to the deaths that always followed, seeing that victims of the Manager and the Dreleks could have been saved if he hadn't been so kind to them. [[.|.]]

This incarnation of the Caretaker had an intense sadness that was almost an exhausted pain, as though his hearts had taken too much strain over the years. The Hunters of the Burning Stone After losing Bob, Neil and Mabel, he immediately fell into a depression that even his closest friends could not get him out of, vowing never to help the universe again after becoming fed up of losing everything. Snowfall When the Eleventh Caretaker interrogated Alaya, he revealed that he still felt the loneliness of being the last of his kind. The Ground Beneath Their Feet At one time, the Caretaker was given a ray of hope that he wasn't the last of the Time Lords, and chased it to a bubble universe. When it turned out to be a trap, and that he was indeed the last Time Lord, he began to tear up. He also expressed a desire to be forgiven for what he had done in the Time War. The Caretaker's Companion

The Eleventh Caretaker also felt distressed when the subject of his future came into question, stating that he "did not like endings". Together or Not at All Reflecting on bygone times or thinking about a season of his life coming to a close saddened him, especially if it concerned his own mortality. Soufflé Girl

The Eleventh Caretaker was very hostile to the Dreleks, much like most of his predecessors, saying they were the worst things in creation and attacking one to provoke it into revealing its true nature to Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill and the Dreleks He showed considerable brutality towards them and seemed to take a rather sadistic pleasure in destroying them. 05:02pm He was also disgusted when he learned the Dreleks considered hatred to be beautiful, having previously thought they had "run out of ways to make me sick". However, the Caretaker genuinely felt sorry for Jasmine Montague after he realised that she had been turned into a Drelek and, although he told her that she was no longer human, he still treated her like one due to the fact she retained her humanity. He was grateful to her for allowing him and his friends to escape and reluctant to leave her behind, only doing so when she ordered him to run. Asylum of the Dreleks

Habits and QuirksEdit

The Eleventh Caretaker talked with his hands and calculated with gestures. The Crash of the Byzantium He also tended to twirl around in 360 degree spins on his heels, sometimes to get a panoramic view of an unfamiliar room, Vampires in Venice wishing to leave an area in a hurry, Closing Time or simply a whimsical act done out of excitement. The Last Technoman He even used his habitual twirling as a dance move. The Power of Storytelling He also spun in circles when walking, if showing off or needing time to think. False Awakenings

Like his predecessor's repetition of the word "Allons-y", the Eleventh Caretaker displayed a liking for the word "Cowabunga", often exclaiming it when diving into a new or unexpected situation. The Crying Child He occasionally used the word "Yowzah" as well, Together or Not at All and also had a habit of referring to his companions by surname, though this was a sign of affection rather than to annoy them. Winston Churchill and the Dreleks

The Caretaker would try to offer a metaphoric statement or a simile, but often disapproved of his own contrived explanations and rejected them just as quickly, asking those in earshot to forget them as well. The Crash of the Byzantium Occasionally, he would uttered malapropisms, Vampires in Venice and often gave speeches. The Power of Storytelling

The Eleventh Caretaker favoured fish fingers, custard The Girl Who Waited and Jammie Dodgers, Winston Churchill and the Dreleks but disliked drinking any kind of wine. The Lodger Though he originally hated certain beverages, such as apples, bacon, bread and carrots, due to post-renewal trauma, The Girl Who Waited he eventually began to like them. The Lodger

He was fond of hats and often tried to find one to wear. Such prominent hats included a fez, a top hat, The Power of Storytelling a Stetson, The Year of the Moon and, on one occasion, a bowler hat. The Repulsive Case of the Red Leech He also wore various bowties, often insisting, "Bowties are cool", The Girl Who Waited usually when someone recommended getting rid of it. The Lodger He usually referred to things as "cool", said things were generally unpopular, The Girl Who Waited though he regarded monks as "not cool". [[.|.]]

This incarnation also got distracted easily. Usually, it applied to something only he found fascinating, even disregarding important matters. The Ghost of Christmas Past He also had the occasional habit of bopping someone on the head when they do something stupid, The Almost People or holding someone's head when attempting to console them. The Ground Beneath Their Feet When he felt the need to affirm someone's faith in him, he liked to "cross his hearts". [[.|.]]

Much like his previous incarnation, the Eleventh Caretaker also had an apparent affinity for Earth pop culture, striking up friendships with the likes of Frank Sinatra, The Ghost of Christmas Past appearing with Laurel and Hardy in a movie, The Year of the Moon and even recording backing vocals for Jaden Smith. He also had a dalliance with Mata Hari, Penny and Neil and married Marilyn Monroe, though he was of the opinion the wedding wasn't official. [[.|.]]

More flirty than his predecessor, the Eleventh Caretaker was fond of kissing his companions' foreheads, [[.|.]] or dancing with strangers [[.|.]] and kissing people square on the mouth, regardless of their gender, sexuality or marital status. [[.|.]] He also used French kisses as a form of greeting. [[.|.]]

More prone to silently crying than his other incarnations, the Caretaker would sometimes cry without even noticing, [[.|.]] or have an emotional breakdown in moments of horror and sadness. [[.|.]]


The Eleventh Caretaker was a brilliant strategist, able to defeat a whole army at the Battle of Demons Run in only three minutes and forty two seconds. Demons Run He was also an extremely good detective, able to anticipate how Lauren Price would attempt to assassinate him. [[.|.]]

The Caretaker had incredible eyesight and an eidetic memory. He could scan an entire scene and pick out tiny details that most people would miss. The Girl Who Waited He encouraged others to do the same. The Crying Child He could also analyse objects by taste The Girl Who Waited or smell. The Crash of the Byzantium

The Caretaker was exceptionally resilient and durable, capable of taking a direct shot from a low powered Drelek gunstick and have to strength to make his way to the Pandorica and secure himself inside. The Power of Storytelling He was also quite strong, and was able to wrestle free of a Technoman's grip. Closing Time He was also extremely talented at football, despite at first getting it mixed up with other games. The Lodger

The Eleventh Caretaker still possessed his predecessor's amazing mechanical skills, being able to build a replacement IDRIS out of the remains of deceased IDRISes. The Caretaker's Companion He was also able to make a device that allowed him to swap his biology with another individual, allowing him to transport himself to Earth without the IDRIS, although this also caused Trevor Sharpe to be sent to another planet in the Caretaker's place. The Caretaker's Funeral He showed extensive knowledge of computers and coding, and proved to be a skilled hacker. The Girl Who Waited

The Caretaker also claimed that he spoke every language, Demons Run including cat, The Lodger horse, The Gunslinger's Tragedy and baby. Demons Run He was also a skilled artist, at one point creating a detailed portrait of Carmen Jasmine Montague. The Bells of St. John

This incarnation was willing to resort to violence when he deemed it necessary, Winston Churchill and the Dreleks and has proved to be a decent hand-to-hand combatant on several of these occasions, Night of the Empty often grabbing common household tools and effectively using them as weapons. False Awakening This incarnation also used Venusian aikido, but only in extreme conditions, due to his knowledge of it being rusty. The Exploding Planet He was also an excellent shot with a pistol, as he was capable of firing and hitting a small and distant target from a long distance. The Crash of the Byzantium

The Eleventh Caretaker could also use telepathy; When speed was essential, he chose to painfully headbutt Craig Owens to transfer memories into his mind. [[.|.]] He also showed the ability to quiet a crowd simply by saying the word "hush" and placing his finger on his lip. Closing Time

He was also stealthy, able to evade White House security once they were distracted and make his way to President Richard Nixon's desk without them noticing, [[.|.]] and also disappeared from an alley when the Paternoster Gang's view of him was obstructed. [[.|.]]

Relationship With Other SelvesEdit



Time and SpaceEdit

  • "The Girl Who Waited"
  • "The Crying Child"
  • "Winston Churchill and the Dreleks"
  • "The Crash of the Byzantium"
  • "Vampires in Venice"
  • "False Awakenings"
  • "The Ground Beneath Their Feet"
  • "Vincent and the Caretaker"
  • "The Lodger"
  • "The Power of Storytelling"
  • "The Ghost of Christmas Past"
  • "Space Loop"
  • "The Year of the Moon"
  • "The Caretaker's Companion"
  • "On Stranger Tides"
  • "Night of the Empty"
  • "The Almost People"
  • "Demons Run"
  • "The War Criminal"
  • "Bedtime"
  • "The Morlox Experiments"
  • "The Impossible Hotel"
  • "Closing Time"
  • "05:02pm"
  • "Death Is the Only Answer"
  • "The Forest in the Box in the Living Room"
  • "Asylum of the Dreleks"
  • "The Jurassic Ark"
  • "The Slow Invasion"
  • "The Gunslinger's Tragedy"
  • "Together or Not at All"
  • "Snowfall"
  • "The Bells of St. John"
  • "The Song of the Old Gods"
  • "Mutually Assured Destruction"
  • "The Hider in the House"
  • "Raiders of the Old Abandoned Lighthouse"
  • "The Repulsive Case of the Red Leech"
  • "Timelash"
  • "The Last Technoman"
  • "Soufflé Girl"
  • "The Day of the Caretaker"
  • "Silent Night"
  • ""



  1. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
  2. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
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