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"No, no, no, no."
— The Eighth Caretaker's catchphrase

The Eighth Caretaker (6720-7599) represented the eighth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the ninth body in the lineup.






"Slower... slower! Concentrate on one thing! One thing!"
— First Words of the Eighth Caretaker

. To Hold Back Death

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The Caretaker's second main outfit.


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The Caretaker's third main outfit


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During World War 1


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The Caretaker's fourth main outfit


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During the Last Great Time War.

During the very first year of the War, Dekker was killed at the Gates of Elysium, when his command ship flew into the jaws of the Nightmare Child. The Caretaker tried to save him, Supremacy of the Dreleks but Dekker refused his help. Saviour of the Dreleks



"But I will not forget this. Not one day, I swear. I will always remember when the Caretaker was me."
— Last Words of the Eighth Caretaker

. Make Me A Soldier



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The Eighth Caretaker was 1.74 metres tall.





After ruining his clothes in mud during World War I and falling in the ocean at Dunkirk, the Caretaker changed into a double-breasted black Naval jacket, with gold buttons, a small neck tie under a white shirt's collar, the shirt itself worn under a blue waistcoat, a pair of bluish trousers, with red stripes on the outer sides, held up by a golden buckled brown belt, and black wellington boots. Part of the ensemble was a courier pouch bag.

In America, the Caretaker wore a cowboy hat, boots and gloves with a yellow cravat. He also wore a knee-length brown leather coat, under which he wore a purple waistcoat with a light blue shirt and a pink blazer.

In the latest period of his life, he resumed wearing his old style of clothing, though in a darker color scheme and worn in an untidy manner as a result of the Caretaker becoming exhausted and restless from mitigating the Time War's damage across the universe. He sported a green velvet trenchcoat, a bronze-grey waistcoat, and tan trousers haphazardly secured by a slouching belt, a midnight blue ascot and a pair of caramel brown British Army Calvary boots, but loosely laced and knotted improperly. Altogether, his clothes showed signs of wear and tear, beaten up and frayed from too much action and abuse.

Psychological profileEdit


The Eight Caretaker was a romantic at heart. It was during this incarnation that he began feeling a desire for romance — "the excitement of being close to someone, the need to exchange ideas on a more personal level, to be able to tell someone what you really believe". [[.|.]] His romanticism extended to his literary preferences, which led him to seek out and have several adventures with Mary Shelley. [[.|.]] On one occasion, the Eighth Caretaker was described as someone who used flattery to deceive. [[.|.]]

While he told I.M. Foreman that it would be unfair to get sexually involved with his companions, [[.|.]] the Caretaker had had at least one sexual experience with Patricia Irvings, [[.|.]] and proclaimed that he loved Jessie O'Keefe, which were feelings that she returned. [[.|.]] When she tried to broach the subject to him, he claimed that it was merely an urge brought on by his believing that she was about to die. Although the Caretaker later admitted that he did love her, he told her that they couldn't pursue a romantic relationship, opting to remain friends instead. [[.|.]]

The Eighth Caretaker was full of spirit and the joy of life, and showcased, on multiple occasions, his love for humanity, especially admiring how they saw dangers that weren't there. [[.|.]] Despite his enthusiasm, this Caretaker had a fear of hospitals, [[.|.]] and could be deeply unnerved by long imprisonment. [[.|.]]

Although full of spirit and humanity, the Eighth Caretaker did have a dark side within him, especially when the forces of evil tried to unbalance laws of the universe. The Caretaker's rage was first released to the full by the Sixth Manager after he killed Kate and Lee, charging at the Manager with force and engaging in hand-to-hand combat with him, which ended with the Manager being sucked into the Eye of Harmony, though the Caretaker tried to save him. [[.|.]]

Like his previous incarnations, the Eighth Caretaker was insistent on solving solutions in a peaceful manner, but knew that that would not be an option all the time, and was not above resulting to violence when needed. [[.|.]] He killed a pair of Vampires, decapitating one and impaling the other, commentating on how melodramatic it was. He decapitated a third vampire with an axe, likening it to golf. However, Reena noted the regret in his eyes. [[.|.]]

As a coping mechanism, the Caretaker would react to threats of death and torture with dark humor, mocking the Manager on his "fatherly attachment" to Chang Lee, [[.|.]] being humorous with Eric Rawden until he could no longer stand the interrogation, [[.|.]] bitterly asking his torturers for some more pain, [[.|.]] and brashly listing hobbies he could indulge in while dying after Ohila informed him he had four minutes left to live. [[.|.]] His enemies believed he did so to "suppress his fear". [[.|.]]

The Caretaker insisted he was psychologically incapable of experiencing survivor's guilt, [[.|.]] despite evidence to he contrary, [[.|.]] and claimed not to understand the idea of gloating. [[.|.]]

The Caretaker had a soft spot for penguins, [[.|.]] didn't believe in ghosts, [[.|.]] and considered eight to be his "lucky number". [[.|.]] He got very excited about cotton candy and chunky monkey ice cream, and drank his tea with large amounts of sugar. [[.|.]]

In contrast to his scheming predecessor, the Eighth Caretaker could not stay on one train of thought for more than a few seconds, getting distracted by the comfort of his shoes when recalling his childhood, [[.|.]] going days without eating due to his forgetfulness, [[.|.]] and often going into soliloquies without noticing. [[.|.]] He also bored of things easily, making an omelette for Priya Raza, but proclaiming to be bored with cooking before he could making another for anyone else. [[.|.]] Lynn Jones theorised that the Caretaker took on companions because he couldn't think in a straight line without them. [[.|.]]

In touch with his feminine side, the Caretaker was often called a "ponce", [[.|.]] and had a maternal urge to see to it that everyone around him was well-fed, even carrying food around in his pockets give his companions on a moment's notice. [[.|.]] He often got teary-eyed around Gillian Holmes, his adopted daughter. [[.|.]]

The Caretaker's mental health was somewhat questionable, as he'd usually acted as an eccentric gentleman, but also had moments of certifiably insanity. [[.|.]] He believed he "must be insane" when asked by Priya, [[.|.]] and Lee worried that the Caretaker was aware of his breakdowns, just unconcerned by them. Both the Caretaker and Lee shared a worrying moment when they realised the Caretaker seemed to be "unbalanced" to the point of schizophrenia. [[.|.]]

The Eighth Caretaker became a darker and angrier person with the loss of his IDRIS in the dimensional barrier between Earth and Avalon, and his then reliance on Sophie Renard as a means of travel. [[.|.]] Following his exile on Earth, and particularly the loss of his second heart, he became a much darker, though passionate person. [[.|.]] He often had panic attacks brought on by the single pulse in his body. [[.|.]] Though his second heart was returned, its long absence still left a change in the Caretaker. [[.|.]] After the death of his adopted daughter, Gillian Holmes, the Caretaker became very angry at anything that reminded him of her. [[.|.]]

The eighth incarnation came to view his seventh incarnation's manipulative nature with disdain. Following his predecessor's renewal, the Eighth Caretaker abandoned these tendencies and vowed that he would never travel alone again as he did not want to forget how precious life was. [[.|.]] However, after the deaths of his great-grandson, Simon Davis, and his companions, Nikki Walsh and Scarlett Tompkinson, at the hands of the Dreleks, the Caretaker became very angry and decided to travel on his own to limit the human cost of his actions. [[.|.]]

When the Eighth Caretaker met his demise, he had been thoroughly broken by the circumstances of his travels and the breakout of the Time War. He was run ragged attempting to mitigate the damage of the war, which ultimately ended in failure, causing him to finally lose all hope and abandon the promises he had made in the name of the Caretaker with extreme disparity. [[.|.]]

Habits and QuirksEdit

The Eighth Doctor exhibited a habit of giving people hints about their future, while not expressing outright the nature of that future, [[.|.]] though he stopped this habit when Kate Tollinger called him out on being cryptic about her future. [[.|.]]

He also had a tendency to repeat himself when he was trying to make a point, [[.|.]] or when he got excited. [[.|.]] He would raise his voice when excited, scared, upset or angered. [[.|.]]

After an incident where the Caretaker and Chang Lee's minds were jumbled together, [[.|.]] the Eighth Caretaker gained an on-again-off-again habit of smoking. [[.|.]]

The Eighth Caretaker made a habit of randomly getting kissed by others, such as with Kate Tollinger, [[.|.]] Jessie O'Keefe, [[.|.]] Madgekor, [[.|.]] Lynn Jones, [[.|.]] Chang Lee, [[.|.]] and Patricia Irvings. [[.|.]]


The Eighth Caretaker had a talent in pick-pocketing [[.|.]] and hacking, [[.|.]] and could play the violin, harpsichord, flute, transverse cello, harp, banjo, theremin, wobbleboard and the piano. [[.|.]] He could also pilot a lifeboat [[.|.]] and drive a police motorcycle with ease. [[.|.]]

While he mostly abandoned his predecessor's manipulative tendencies, the Eighth Caretaker tricked the Threshold into thinking he had regenerated by having Shayde pose as a new Caretaker while covertly sabotaged the Threshold's operations, [[.|.]] and turned Andrelina Hastoff's minions against each other with a few choice words. [[.|.]]

Like his previous incarnations, the eighth incarnation was both a highly proficient swordsman and skilled in the art of Venusian aikido. [[.|.]]

The Caretaker could read minds if he wanted to, but preferred to read expressions and body language to save time. [[.|.]]

The Caretaker was also an accomplished chef; stress-baking a Lady Baltimore cake, [[.|.]] making a massive picnic for his friends, and holding several dinner parties in his flat on Hitchemus. [[.|.]]

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Time and SpaceEdit

  • "To Hold Back Death"
  • .
  • "Make Me A Soldier"
  • .



  1. Winnie and the Caretaker
  2. Confirmed by Jack Mozenrath
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