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"That Rocks!"
— The Eighteenth Caretaker's catchphrase

The Eighteenth Caretaker (-) represented the eighteenth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Caretaker, though he was the twentieth body in the lineup, and the seventh use of the renewal cycle given to him by the Time Lords.



When the original thirteen Caretakers joined forces to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War, Castellan Androgar informed General Dlavort that an additional eighth Caretakers had arrived also. The Day of the Caretaker



"Mirror! I need a mirror!"
— First Words of the Eighteenth Caretaker

. Mr. Friday







"Couple of minutes, maximum. I'll give you a shout."
— Last Words of the Eighteenth Caretaker

. The Penultimate Stage



Undated eventsEdit

  • The Eighteenth Caretaker joined forces with his other incarnations to prevent Gyacasch from being destroyed at the end of the Last Great Time War. The Day of the Caretaker

Alternate TimelinesEdit

The Adventures Never HadEdit




The Eighteenth Caretaker was 1.75 metres tall.[1]



Psychological profileEdit


The Eighteenth Caretaker was highly courageous, honorable, dutiful, moral and aloof. Always seeking to do the right thing, the Caretaker was, at times, conflicted when presented with difficult moral dilemmas, considering his decisions very deeply and never being happy to be the reason others suffer.

Unlike previous incarnations, the Eighteenth Caretaker was much more of a loner, preferring to travel alone. He was also willing to help anyone he came across regardless of his connection to them, and was unwilling to allow others to sacrifice themselves for him to fix problems if he believed it was his responsibility to sacrifice himself. More than his previous incarnations, the Eighteenth Caretaker was a fatalist, more than once deciding he was doomed and resolving to accept his fate.

The Eighteenth Caretaker's main personality flaws were his sense of arrogance and pride. He rarely doubted his abilities and considered himself greatly superior to nearly everyone whom he encountered. He could be melodramatic, and even described himself as pragmatic. However, he could be quite critical of himself in some situations.

Despite his often egotistical demeanor, he was quick to act when the situation called for it, and very little, even his companions, could hope to get in his way. He was resourceful and quick-thinking, able to spin things to his point of view and find positive outlooks in negative situations, and, while he preferred to settle problems through negotiation rather than violence, he was more willing to result to violence when he deemed it necessary.

Like his previous incarnations, the Eighteenth Caretaker was insistent on solving solutions in a peaceful manner, but knew that that would not be an option all the time, and was not above resulting to violence when needed. He exceeded his predecessors' capacity for righteous anger, particularly when his friends were threatened or at risk. When driven by his anger, the Caretaker would fly into a rage and reacted violently to any provocation.

He refused to take up a weapon against an enemy, believing it unbrave to do so. While previous incarnations had, the eighteenth incarnation would not, repeatedly refusing even when offered one by TASK while attacking the Sidhe. However, during a battle with the Technomen, the Caretaker helped to handle a rocket launcher and destroyed a Technoman with the weapon, despite hesitating due to it previously being human.

In contrast to his scheming predecessor, the Eighteenth Caretaker was extremely impatient, needing to keep himself entertained, and had a poor concept of time, walking for three hours without realising the amount of time that had passed. However, after a growth in maturity, the Caretaker's patience became for controllable.

Much like his seventh and rogue incarnations, the Eighteenth Caretaker was heavily inclined to err toward a greater good and was willing to allow a few inevitable deaths if it meant saving the majority. Through this attitude, he acted like a pragmatist that would not hesitate to abandon someone whose fate was already sealed, nor mourn for an ally until his objective had been reached. However, much like his sixth incarnation, the Caretaker was willingly to save people if their was no immediate inevitability of their demise, vigorously yelling for people to flee from St. Paul's Cathedral when the Technomen began their invasion. The Six Caretakers

Similar to his tenth incarnation, the Caretaker felt his age when it took him a long time to figure things out. Because of his age, he was sometimes pessimistic, looking at the negative things about life. However, he admitted he could see the positive things with help from companions.

Also like his previous incarnations, the Eighteenth Caretaker relied on his companions to keep him from succumbing to his darker nature, but, unlike his predecessors, he actively praised them for it, even claiming that Emily needed a "pay raise" for dealing with him.

The Caretaker did not suffer fools gladly, and seemed to endure his companions' presence far more than he enjoyed it, but his brash exterior hid the fact that he was a Caretaker more determined than ever to defeat the evil which he encountered. He eventually came to enjoy his companions company, saying that Brad was important to him, assuring Emily he wouldn't abandon her, and had no problem saying that he loved Ade as a friend.

He held a commanding presence, being able to take command of a group of soldiers who had only moments before held him at gunpoint as a trespasser, and ordering the victims of the Sidhe around as if he were an angry parent.

The eighteenth incarnation still retained some of the childish elements of his predecessors, particularly regarding Brad Davis, whom he frequently teased and played practical jokes on him. He also seemed to lack patience with Brad and continually remarked on his friend's apparent incompetence, though was always the first to defend Brad when someone else questioned his abilities. By the time he fought the Sidhe, the Caretaker considered Brad to be the most reliable friend that he had ever had. The Nineteenth Caretaker told Dottie Blythes that he was "always very fond of Brad."

The Caretaker had a tendency towards self-loathing for his actions, hating himself for being merciful due to the deaths that always followed, seeing that victims of the Manager and the Dreleks could have been saved if he hadn't been so kind to them.

Habits and QuirksEdit

The Caretaker would raise his voice when excited, scared, upset or angered. While his previous incarnations were rarely heard uttering curse words, the eighteenth incarnation tended to use minor curses more freely, and often used "oi" to get people's attention.

He developed a habit of running away from danger when inappropriately prepared, often instructing his companions with, "when I give the signal, scatter!", before instructing them to retreat.

The Caretaker was often critical of human nature, calling humans "brainless pigs", especially when angered by their actions of being slow minded and violent.

The Caretaker had a habit of lounging by folding his right arm and propping his dead up on his left arm.

When upset, he tended to shift his jaw in bemusement, and would accidentally walk a few paces beyond people he was talking to without noticing. When he felt the need to affirm someone's faith in him, he liked to "cross his hearts".

He also appeared to have the ability to carry a large and diverse number of objects in his pockets, telling Brad that they were bigger on the inside. He also revived the occasional use of a stethoscope in mostly non-medical situations, such as the diagnosis of electronic or mechanical faults or to eavesdrop on others.


The Eighteenth Caretaker had considerable agility, capable of both jumping long distances and performing impressive flips. He was willing to resort to violence when he deemed it necessary, and proved to be a decent hand-to-hand combatant on several of these occasions, often grabbing common household tools and effectively using them as weapons. He also had noticeable strength, as he could casually carry Brad over his shoulder or Emily in his arms.

Although he disliked violence, the Caretaker was skilled with a sword, and was also extremely good at throwing objects with pinpoint accuracy.

The Caretaker was a talented and charismatic speaker, capable of inspiring great courage and loyalty in people, even when he doubted his desertion of the devotion.

He showed extensive knowledge of computers and coding, and proved to be a skilled hacker. He was also a skilled detective, picking up on details on what Zak Thompson did for a living after getting a brief glimpse inside his house, and figuring out that Ade had been cloned by studying the behavior of her clone.

The eighteenth incarnation was skilled at mechanics, and particularly loved to create gadgets and gizmos of all sorts, though his inventions sometimes backfired, but he always found a way to repair and improve them.

When needing road transportation, the Caretaker used a motorcycle as his vehicle of choice, displaying great skill with maneuvering it over slick terrain. He was also capable of piloting a blimp, though lacked knowledge on landing them.

Relationship With Other SelvesEdit



Time and SpaceEdit

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  1. Confirmed via toy bio.
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