Portrayed by:

(hatched July 19, 938[2])



Alternate timelinesEdit


Physical appearanceEdit


Diabolique's human form, Deirdre Destane.


Psychological profileEdit


Skills and abilitiesEdit








London GargoylesEdit

  • "How the Gargoyles Got to London"
  • "Human Nature"
  • "Long Time 'til Morning"
  • "The Force of Macbeth" (Tapestry only)
  • "Friends In High Places"
  • "Protecting the Castle"
  • "Wild Coyote" (Mentioned only)
  • "Metamorphosis" (Mentioned only)
  • "Night of the Gargoyles"
  • "Werefox" (Cameo)
  • "Something Old"
  • "Diabolique's Story"
  • "The Right Thing to Do"
  • "Outfoxed" (Flashback only)
  • "Old Times" (Flashback only)
  • "Stone Sleep" (Mentioned only)
  • "Avalon"
  • "Old Wounds" (Hallucination only)
  • "Strolling Down the Champs-Élysées"
  • "Of Two Minds" (Flashback only)
  • "Bad Future" (Dream construct only)
  • "Revenge" (Flashback only)
  • "Offspring"
  • "The Hunter's Moon"
  • "Rock and Roll" (Alluded to only)
  • "The Egg and I"
  • "A Handful of Thorns"
  • "Lines of Allegiance"
  • "Raksha Rising"
  • "Generations"
  • "Gherkin and the Phoenix Gate"

Gargoyles: Bad GuysEdit

  • "Estranged" (Flashback only)
  • "We're the Good Guys" (Mentioned only)

The World of GargoylesEdit

  • "A Study in Stone"
  • "Stone at Night"

A Tale of Three BrothersEdit

  • "Three Brothers: Part Five"

Appearances in Other MediaEdit




  • Finola Hughes was considered for Diabolique's voice.
  • Diabolique was originally going to be killed off in Season 10, after Dracula tricked her into shooting Macbeth with her particle beam cannon, but the idea was scrapped due to Jack Mozenrath feeling it to be an unsatisfying end for the character.


  1. Olivia Colman voiced Diabolique in "Stone at Night".
  2. Confirmed by toy bio.

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