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Matthew Samuel Beelzebub, better known by the assumed name of Cain Cromwell, is a fictional character from the Murderous hexalogy, serving as the main antagonist in the first movie, a second villain in the sequal, the main protagonistic anti-hero in the prequal, an anti-villain in the third film, again a second villain in the fourth film and then the main antagonist of the final incarnation, Judgement Day. Cain is generally seen as the hexology's main antagonist overall.









History Edit


Matthew in his youth

"Do it, no one would know."
— Cain Cromwell's last words





  • Cain share traits with the following killer;
    • Jack the Ripper: Prior to the fifth movie, Cain was never caught. Though, unlike the Ripper, Cain was seen and identifide.
    • Fred West: Cain's intrest in bondage and using it to torture his victims. Also, Cain tried to presue a sexual relationship with his first victim and invited her to join him. Unlike West's victim, Cain's victim did not join him, but still loved him.
    • Peter Tobin: Cain's ability to comit crimes and yet avoid the police, despite them knowing who he is.

Name TriviaEdit

  • Cain - The first murderer in the Bible.
  • Cromwell - Home street of British serial killers Fred and Rosemary West.
  • Matthew - Chapter of the Bible, a chapter with evil in it.
  • Samuel - Chapter of the Bible, a chapter with evil spirites in it.
  • Beelzebub - One of the many names of the Devil.

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